1. Recently, we were contacted by a leading oil & gas manufacturing company to partner with them in setting up their tool room. Their machine tool needs were diverse and their turn around time had a year-end deadline. In today’s high tech world of Internet and conference calling, business often can be conducted over the phone and via email. However, this customer wanted a more personable contact and we were more than willing to accommodate. Our owner flew to meet the project team, tour the plant and get a detailed understanding of the customer’s needs. Our owner Bill has nearly 25 years experience in machine tool sales. His vast knowledge and desire to offer an excellent customer experience made Worldwide Machine Tool, LLC a perfect match for this customer’s project. The face to face meeting offered our customer the confidence in knowing who they were doing business with and it offered us a more detailed understanding of their needs and the high standards and safety focus of their company. Taking the time to listen to the needs of our customer and getting the right tools for the job is our number one priority. We were able to deliver the machines in a cost effective, time efficient manner so this customer could continue production and deliver its high-quality products in the superior manner to which they are accustomed.
  2. The owner of a long time family business passed away. While he had built an impressive business, his son and three daughters  were left with the daunting task of liquidating the assets and machine tools they knew very little about. None of his children had a desire to continue the business, but they had a large building and several acres of land the shop operated in that they needed to sell and split between each other. The three sisters were looking to partner with a trustworthy machine dealer that could help them. At the recommendation of several machine shops, they contacted Bill at Worldwide Machine Tool, LLC. Bill sat down with all the siblings to discuss their options; Private Liquidation, Auction or sell the business and a complete, running operation. After much discussion, the family decided on an auction. Bill and his team presented a number up front to the family that they believed the auction would bring. At the end of the auction, the family was pleasantly surprised to find the total amount from the auction was more than they had expected. The family could move forward with plans to sell the property and look forward to the future.
  3. Years ago a small 3 man shop was wanting to grow their business and build to the next level but didn’t know how. They met with Bill to discuss their options. Bill suggested adding a CNC Knee Mill for $25,000. The owner who had not invested in new machinery much for the shop over the past few years was nervous. How would they move the machines into their shop, who would teach them how to run and program the machine, who would service the machine? All good questions, all answered the same. Bill at Worldwide. Worldwide handled all the rigging, sent trainers in to teach the control and educate the operators and had technicians available if needed to service the machines. Today that shop has 5 CNC Machines, 5 people on the shop floor and has purchased every machine from Bill at Worldwide Machine Tool, LLC.