Keyseater machine for sale and in stock at Worldwide Machine Tool.

Keyseater Machine For sale at Worldwide Machine ToolWhat is a Keyseater machine for sale?

Keyseating machine was designed to allow machinists and engineers to cut internal shapes and forms faster than other machining methods at less cost. The keyseater machine is very similar to a shaping machine. Keyseater machines vertically move a cutting tool forward and back in a straight up and down motion. The cutter attached to the feed bar moves along with the tool guide. The Keyseater tool guide prevents deflection and keeps the cutter running along the tables configuration.

Keyseater machines cut internal keyways and other straight-sided forms and shapes in metal parts. Machinists use this method to make slots for easier part-to-machine installation. A Keyseater reduces time and and costs of machining common oarts for the following: gears, pulleys, sprockets, shafts for motors

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