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Many of Worldwide Machine Tool’s used lathes and new lathes feature a video demonstrating the machine under power turning and or cutting. The Worldwide Machine Tool site offers full conventional engine lathe specifications and accessories that each lathe is equipped with. For new lathes, a variety of optional accessories are available to custom build for your machine shops requirements. To receive the price on a new or used lathe Call 614-255-9000, chat online with our experienced lathe sales staff or fill out a request a quote. We do accept machine tool trade-ins on new or used lathes for purchase. If you provide the full specifications and photos of the machine you would like to trade-in. Our used lathes are tested and run by a certified machinist technician. Worldwide Machine Tool is a certified member of the MDNA dealer association Lathes are one of the mosy versatile machine tools used in woodturning, metalworking, metal spinning, and glassworking. Properly equipped metalworking lathes can be used to produce most solids form turning, plane surfaces and screw threads or helices. Ornamental lathes produce three-dimensional solids of great complexity. Worldwide Mahcine Tool is Located in Columbus Ohio. We Buy & Sell All Types Of Metal Lathes Such As: Monarch, Leblond, Kingston, Lion, Mori Seiki, Clausing, Harrison, Wafum, Nardini, Victor, Summit, Sharp, Jet, Ohio Lathe, Summit, US Industrial, Whacheon, Webb, Acer, Elgin, Feeler Lodge and Shipley, Lagun, Trump, Kent USA, Acra, GMC and Many more. Worldwide Machine Tool provides the finest cusotmer service parts and repair. If you have any question please call or chat with our machine tool specialist online. We gaurantee our new or used lathes to run when delivered to your shop.

Questions and Answers regarding Metal Working Machine Shop Lathes by Worldwide Machine Tool.

What is an Engine Lathe?

The engine lathe is the most popular lathe type available and is used for a multitude of manufacturing and machining applications by turning solid bar stock, plane surfaces and screw threads or helices along a bar or shaft.

What is a precision tool room lathe?

A precision tool room lathe is for extremely precise turning in machining and manufacturing. Some of the most popular precision lathe is a Hardinge, Feeler or Sharp. The Hardinge is known as the Ferrari of presicion lathe machines, out of the factory they hold up to 50 Millionths tolerance. Precision Toolroom Lathes offer production of high precision parts requiring consistent accuracy, and ease of operation. Prescision toolroom lathes can also thread with great accuracy in inch or metric.

What is a turret lathe?

A turret lathe also known as Turret, has an indexable toolholder that allows multiple cutting operations to be performed, each with a different cutting tool. The turret allows for easy tool changes in rapid succession freeing the operator from tooling setup tasks in between or to control the toolpath. The latter is due to the toolpath’s being controlled by the machine, either in a jig-like fashion via the mechanical limits placed on it by the turret’s slide and stops.