New and Used CNC turret punch press for sale at Worldwide Machine Tool.

A new and used CNC turret punch press machine is a computer controlled punching machine that uses a “turret” that can be rotated to bring any tool to a programmed punching position. The turret holds punching tools that cut directly into a sheet typically metal. Simple and complex shapes can be cut out and programmed into an infinite number of variations to “punch” patterns or tool holes in a sheet for a wide variety of manufacturing purposes. The CNC turret press has both a punch and die resulting in two corresponding turrets, above and below the bed, for punch and die. On the CNC turret press the two turrets rotate in synchronization to perform the desired shape in the sheet. Worldwide Machine Tool has new and used CNC turret press machines for sale. Call us at 614-255-9000 for price and shipping information. Browse our CNC Punch press machines below to find your next CNC turret punch press today.