118.14″ x 80.7″ x 59.05″ New Femco CNC Horizontal Boring Mill BMC-100HT

New Femco CNC Horizontal Boring Mill BMC-100HT features:

X-, Y-, Z-Axes Linear Scales
B-Axis Rotary Table 90 Degree Precision Indexing
Saddle Slideway Cover
B-Axis Rotary Table Double Worm Gear Drive

F.O.B.  Factory


 New Femco CNC Horizontal Boring Mill BMC-100HT Traveling Column High Speed CNC Horizontal Boring & Milling Machine

New Femco CNC Horizontal Boring Mill BMC-100HT Specifications:

Table Cross Travel (X-Axis) 118.14″
Headstock Travel (Y-Axis) 80.7″
Table Longitudinal Travel (Z-Axis) 59.05″
Table Size 59.05″ x 78.74″
Table Load 40,000 Lbs
Spindle Nose to Center of Table 16.14″ – 75.2″
Spindle Diameter 3.94″
Taper ISO #50 with Power Operated Drawbar
Tool Shank CT50 (BT50 Optional)
Pull Stud MAS-II 60 deg
Motor (Continuous/30 min Rated) AC 22/26 KW (29.5 / 35 HP)
Speed Ranger-Low Stepless 17 to 1500 RPM
Speed Ranger-High Stepless 1,501 to 8000 RPM
Automatic tool changer (ATC):  
Tool Storage Capacity 60 ATC Standard, 90 ATC Optional
Max. Tool Diameter (Adjacent Pods Full) 4.9″
Max. Tool Diameter (Adjacent Pods Empty) 9.64″
Max. Tool Length 15.75″
Max. Tool Weight 55 Lbs.
Tool to Tool Exchanging Time 13 sec
Tool Selection Method: Automatic Selection of the Shortest Route
Positioning servo motor:  
X-Axis 8 HP
Y-Axis 9.4 HP
Z-Axis 8 HP
Rotary Table 5.4 hp
Feed rate in all Axes 0 – 394 IPM (stepless)
Positioning Accuracy X, Y, Z, and W-Axis 0.025/300mm (0.001″/11.81″)
Repeatability X, Y, Z, and W-Axis ±0.01mm (±0.0004″)
Control Axes 4
B-Axis 4
Rapid Traverse Rate:  
X-Axis 472 IPM
Y-Axis 394 IPM
Z-Axis 472 IPM
Rapid Rotation od Rotary Table 1 RPM
Machine Dimensions and Net Weight:  
Height 161.4″
Floor Space 319″ x 256″
Net Weight 53,460 Lbs
Power Requirements 220 Volts 3 Phase 60 Cycle 200 Amps 440 Volt Transformer on Request

All major components of the 157.5″ x 80.7″ x 59.05″ New Femco CNC Horizontal Boring Mill BMC-100HT are fully ribbed close grain meehanite castings completely stressed relieved before machining. The vertical column walls are thick and cross ribbed, the front vertical way is massive and is offset 3 ½” from the back way to absorb any radial thrust generated during heavy machining operations and to guarantee accuracy, rigidity and longevity.

Vertical Ways on the Y-Axis are induction hardened to 55-60 C.X.100 deep and are precision ground. Headstock slides are lined with turcite (A LOW FRICTION MATERIAL). Turcite provides excellent wear and slip stick characteristics due to its low coefficient of friction. It also provides good vibrational damping. Turcite reacts with the machine structure thus giving a high static and dynamic stiffness to the machine.

Z-Axis Column base, and X-Axis cross slide ride on linear guide ways for exceptional rapid traverse speeds for High Speed Machining. Lubrication to all axis is done automatically to ensure longevity of the ways.

Large 3” diameter precision angular contact ball screws are pre-loaded with the nut when installed. This ensures zero-backlash and smooth motion through the machining process.

The spindle is made from chromium molybdenum steel alloy. The spindle and the sleeve surfaces are hardened in a nitrating process, then ground and lapped, thus, insuring high rigidity for a smooth surface and long life. Class 7 bearings are used in all our spindles.

The table is clamped by six (6) hydraulic clamps at a massive 315-320 KG/CM-2 clamping force. Hydraulic shot pins provide location every 90 degrees which is programmable. Angles between 0 and 360 degrees can be positioned manually.

Precision glass scales are installed on X-Y-Z axes insuring accuracy and repeatability in your environment. These scales are independent of the drive system.

New Femco CNC Horizontal Boring Mill BMC-100HT Standard Accessories:

  • X-, Y-, Z-Axes Linear Scales
  • B-Axis Rotary Table 90 Degree Precision Indexing
  • Saddle Slideway Cover
  • B-Axis Rotary Table Double Worm Gear Drive
  • Working Light
  • X-, Y-, Z-Axes Ball Screw Cover
  • Anchors and Levels for Installation
  • Headstock Cooling System with Chiller Unit
  • Operator’s Manual
  • Table Slideway Cover 


  • Controlled 4 Axes
  • Simultaneous Controllable 4 Axes
  • Reference Point Return (G27, G28)
  • Linear Interpolation
  • Circular Interpolation
  • 10.4” LCD  
  • Registered Programs 400
  • Part Program Stored Length 640m
  • Sequence Number Search
  • Program Number Search
  • Manual Pulse Generator
  • External Work Number Search
  • Program Protect
  • Inch/Metric Switching
  • Machine Lock
  • Backlash Compensation
  • Program Protect Signal
  • Self-Diagnosis Function
  • Read/Puncher Interface
  • Direct Input of Meas. Work Coordinate Sys Shift
  • EIA/ISO Automatic Recognition
  • Mirror Image
  • Actual Speed Display
  • Cutter Compensation 
  • Canned Cycle for Hole Machining
  • Tool Compensation Memory 99 sets
  • Work Coordinate System G54 – G59


  • Tape Storage L x 1280m            
  • Handle Interruption
  • Playback
  • Coordinate Rotation
  • Scaling  
  • Tool Offset – Addition 400
  • Program Input of Offset Amount (G10)  
  • Tool Life Management
  • Pattern Data Input  
  • Menu Programming
  • Tool Compensation Memory C                       
  • Custom Macro
  • Background Editing                         
  • Graphic Display      
  • German/French Display                                   
  • Chinese Display
  • Addition of Registered Programs to 125          
  • Expanded Part Program Editing
  • Directory Display of Floppy Cassette  
  • Polar Coordinate Command
  • Helical interpolation

New Femco CNC Horizontal Boring Mill BMC-100HT Options:

  • Full B Axis Table…Included
  • Fanuc32i Control…$15,500.00
  • 90 Tool ATC…$ 60,000.00
  • Chip Conveyor…Included
  • Coolant thru spindle…Included

New Femco CNC Horizontal Boring Mill BMC-110 video

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