12″ New Atrump Tool Cutter Grinder Model CM-2 MONASET

12″ New Atrump Tool Cutter Grinder Model CM-2 MONASET for sale at Worldwide Machine Tool view specifications, features, options and photos below.
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12″ New Atrump Tool Cutter Grinder Model CM-2 MONASET Specifications:

Workhead Capacity  
Swing over main slide dia 12″ (max)
Collet work dia 1.25” (max)
Collet work dia 0.19” (min)
Spiral angle 60° (max)
Distance between speak of spindle 3.93” (max)
Distance between center of tailstock 5.98″ (max)
Grinding Wheelhead Capacity  
Grinding diameter 3.93” (max)
Workhead Range  
Slide travel 5.11″
Offset slide travel 3.93″
Front of center 1.96″
Rear of center 1.96″
Angle Adjustment of Workhead  
Rotation of horizontal plane ±105° (210°)
Rotational of vertical plane ±40°
Grinding Wheelhead Range  
Slide travel 4.33″
Vertical slide travel, total 9.44″
Above center 4.33″
Below center 5.11″
Cross slide travel 6.7″
Front of center 2.75″
Rear of center 3.93″
Spindle Speed  
Workhead speed 360 rpm
Wheelhead, three speeds 4000, 6000 and 8000 rpm
Workhead AC 1/4 HP
Grinding wheelhead AC 1/2 HP
Floor space 65″ x 45″ x 64.7″
Net weight 1,895 lbs

12″ New Atrump Tool Cutter Grinder Model CM-2 MONASET Features:

  • Quality assume by ISO 9002 & CE standard
  • Precisely grind, sharpen, recondition complex tools & cutters
  • Casting base to reduce vibration
  • Precise ball screw using grinding wheel side X and Y axis
  • Precise grinding acme lead screw using the other entire axis
  • Super precision class 7 bearing at spindle
  • The Monaset Grinder’s combination of swiveling, turntable and moveable off set slide
  • Provide your shop with versatile capability to quickly set up and accurately generate convex and concave radii of varying size
  • Imported

12″ New Atrump Tool Cutter Grinder Model CM-2 MONASET Standard Accessories:

  • 17 pcs collect set and spring-loaded index pawl
  • Wheelhead toothrest assembly with extension bar
  • Grinding wheel guards with extension bar
  • Front stock support, diamond holder bracket
  • Wrench for workhead
  • Toothrest entering gauge
  • Adjustable tailstock support unit
  • Spanner for grinding wheel
  • Leveling blocks
  • Standard arbor
  • Screw driver
  • Set of wrenches
  • Double-end spanner
  • Set of (4) index plates for spiral lead mechanisms 0, 8, 10 & 12 divisions
  • Tool box, oil bottle
  • Grinding wheel (one each of straight, flaring cup and dish shape)
  • Additional diamond truing tool with diamond nib
  • 1/2″ wheel flange and spanner
  • 4 standard wheel flanges and one extension
  • Halogen work light
  • One shot lubrication

12″ New Atrump Tool Cutter Grinder Model CM-2 MONASET Optional Accessories:

3-CM2-OPT01 Large cutter radius grinding attachment $860
3-CM2-OPT02 4″ universal 6-jaw chuck for workhead $1,360
3-CM2-OPT03 Additional Index Plates, please specify size: (each) $460
3-CM2-OPT04 Additional Diamond Turning Tool with Diamond Nib $70
3-CM2-OPT05 1/2″ bore grinding wheel flange and spanner $150
3-CM2-OPT06 Spring Loaded Index Pawl for work head $570
3-CM2-OPT07 Additional Straight Cylindrical Collets (indicate sizes) (each) $330 per each
3-CM2-OPT08 Set of 3 Taper Collet #5, #7, #9 Brown & Sharpe $330
3-CM2-OPT09 Additional Straight Cylindrical Collets (inch 17 pcs.) $2,310
3-CM2-OPT10 Additional Straight Cylindrical Collets (metric 10 pcs.) $1,800
3-CM2-OPT11 Extra Set of 3 Grinding Wheels
(4″ x 1/2″ straight, 4″ x 1/2″ dish & 3-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ flaring cup)

3-CM2-OPT12 BT40 collets set (inch) (13 pcs.)

3-CM2-OPT13 Dust collector – 1/2 HP $1,680
3-CM2-OPT14 Dust collector – 1 HP $1,900
3-CM2-OPT15 Frequency inverter for grinding wheel spindle-1HP $980
3-CM2-OPT16 Frequency inverter for grinding wheel spindle-2HP $1,180
3-CM2-OPT17 Upgrading grinding wheel-spindle motor to 2HP $800

3-CM2-OPT18 Wheel Flange with 2 collets (Ø3, Ø6 mm) for internal grinding

3-CM2-OPT21 ER11 collect set (collect Ø3, Ø2, Ø1 mm Each 1 pc) with wrench & extension bar


3-CM2-OPT22 Wheelhead toothrest set with extension bar


3-CM2-OPT23 Tool support bracket 


3-CM2-OPT24 Adjustable tailstock support unit 


3-CM2-OPT28 Wet grinding attachment.


3-CM2-OPT28-45 Dry and wet coolant Tank. (45L;1/2HP)


3-CM2-OPT28-80 Dry and wet coolant Tank. (80L;1/2HP) with magnetic device 


3-CM2-OPT33 Indexing plate – 24T


3-CM2-OPT34 Lathe tool grinding attachment 


3-CM2-OPT35 Safety Shield 



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