15.7″ New Atrump Tool Cutter Grinder Model M40

15.7″ New Atrump Tool Cutter Grinder Model M40 for sale at Worldwide Machine Tool view specifications, features, options and photos below.
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15.7″ New Atrump Tool Cutter Grinder Model M40 Specifications:

Longitudinal movement of table 15.7″
Distance between center 27.5″
Cross movement of saddle 9.8″
Workhead taper MT # 5 NT50 or BT50
T-slot 0.59″ (+0.0019″ ~ +0.0039″)
Table working range 5.47″ x 37″
Wheel speed 2600, 3700, 6200 rpm
Wheel motor 1.5 HP (1.1kW)
Range of Movement  
Rotative angle of table ±60°
Jog adjustment of table ±10°
Vertical movement of wheelhead 9.8″
Slope of wheelhead ±15°
Rotative angle of wheelhead 360°
Distance between center of spindle and table Max. 11.8″ min. 1.96″
Distance between center of spindle and T-slot Max. 16.3″ min. 6.5″
Floor space 61″ x 68″ x 58″
Net weight 2,560 lbs

15.7″ New Atrump Tool Cutter Grinder Model M40 Features:

  • Tilting wheel head for easy clearance setting
  • Universal work head to obtain the most suitable angle for a specific grinding job
  • Accurate, versatile table
  • Hardened and ground ways
  • Anti friction slide way bearings
  • Super precision match sets class 7 bearing at spindle
  • Centralized lubrication which lubricates all the required points
  • Imported, quality certified by ISO 9002 & CE standard
  • Adapted with opt. attachments to do light O.D./I.D./surface grinding

15.7″ New Atrump Tool Cutter Grinder Model M40 Standard Accessories:

  • Work head
  • Left-hand & right-hand tailstock
  • Diamond dresser holder
  • Wheel guards
  • Wheel guard holders, long & short
  • Universal tooth rest plate and blade holder extension
  • Center gauge
  • Collet wrench
  • Plain tooth rest holder, with offset blade
  • Ejector rod
  • T-wrench for grinding wheel sleeve
  • Sleeve extracting bar
  • Pin wrench micrometer adjustable tooth rest, with round top blade
  • Leveling pads, 3 pc
  • Touch-up paint
  • Reducing collet b & s no. 12 x no. 10, or mt no. 5 x no. 4
  • Reducing collet b & s no. 12 x no. 9, or mt no. 5 x no. 3
  • Reducing collet b & s no. 12 x no. 7, or mt no. 5 x no. 2
  • Grinding wheel sleeves, 5 sets
  • Grinding wheels (6″ x 3/4″ x 1-1/4″, 6″ x 1/2″ x 1-1/4″[two], 3-1/2″ x 1-1/2″ x 1-1/4″, 4″ x 1/16″ x 1/2″)
  • Double end wrench, nut wrench & allen wrench
  • Spacer for 1/8″ dia. grinding wheel
  • Center for work head spindle b & s no. 7 (or M.T. #2)
  • 4″ spindle extension
  • 4″ extension wheel sleeve and collar
  • Belt for spindle drive (poly-flex belt)
  • Draw-in bolt for work head and washer
  • Toolbox
  • Extension and spacers of slit-saw and side-mill cutters

15.7″ New Atrump Tool Cutter Grinder Model M40 Optional Accessories:

3-M40-OPT01 Face mill grinding attachment $4,250
3-M40-OPT02 Radius grinding attachment (NO.01 Radius 0-50mm) $5,330
3-M40-OPT03 Radius grinding attachment (NO.02 Radius 0.25mm) $4,700
3-M40-OPT04 Helical grinding attachment (Work Spindle: MT4) $5,330
3-M40-OPT05 Cylindrical grinding attachment-Includes 4” 3-jaw Chuck & Back Plate $1,600
3-M40-OPT06 Internal grinding attachment $3,450
3-M40-OPT07 Work head indexing attachment $1,030
3-M40-OPT08 Extended grinding attachment $2,495
3-M40-OPT09 Surface grinding attachment $1,285
3-M40-OPT10 Drill pointing attachment $5,330
3-M40-OPT11 Lathe & planer tool Grinding attachment $1,175
3-M40-OPT12C 5C Collet Adapter for M40 Workhead $880
3-M40-OPT12I Spring Collet chuck ¼” – 1” (Inch) $1,070
3-M40-OPT12M Spring Collet chuck 6-25 mm (Metric) $1,070
3-M40-OPT13 Wet grinding attachment – without Splash Plate $1,175
3-M40-OPT14 Dust collector $1,680
3-M40-OPT15 Hydraulic Power Feed Device (X axis) –Must be ordered and completed in Taiwan $8,155


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