16″ x 60″ New Sharp Lathe Model 1660L-K

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This model is designed with 3.18” spindle hole which is unique for 16” and 18” swing lathes. Due to its one piece casting machine base, it can support heavier cutting on large diameter materials. The large through hole allows most 3” diameter oil pipes to be machined.

16″ x 60″ New Sharp Lathe Model 1660L-K Specifications:

Swing Over Bed 16″
Swing Over Cross Slide 8-3/4″
Swing Over Gap 24-3/8″
Travel of Cross Slide 9-1/2″
Width of Bed 11.75″
Width of Gap 9.75″
Center Height from Top of Compound 1.9″
Distance Between Centers 60″
Spindle Nose Type D1-8 camlock
Spindle Bore 3-1/6″
Spindle Speeds High: 235 – 2,000 rpm
Low: 20-170 rpm
Taper of Spindle Bore MT #6
Taper of Center MT #4
Longitudinal Feeds – in/rev (18) 0.002 – 0.032″ 
Cross Feeds – in/rev 0.0001 – 0.0094″
Inch Threads (40) 4 – 56 tpi
Metric and Module Threads 0.5 – 7mm
D.P. Threads (36) 4 – 56mm
Leadscrew Pitch, Diameter 4 tpi, 1-3/8″
Cross Slide Width 8.7″
Compound Rest Travel 4.9″
Compound Width 4.5″
Bed Length 77″
Bed Width 11-3/4″
Quill Travel (graduated) 5″
Quill Diameter 2-1/4″
Quill Taper MT #4
Spindle Motor  7-1/2 HP
Net Weight (approx.) 4,100 lbs
Standard Color Gray
Voltage 230V/460V
Phase Single or 3 phase
230V 8 KVA/25 amps
460V 8 KVA/12.5 amps


  • D1-8 camlock, 3-1/16″ hole
  • Direct selection for inch/metric threads
  • One piece case Meehanite bed
  • 7-1/2 HP spindle motor
  • 12-speed gear head (40-2,000 rpm)
  • Geared head model wired 220V or 440V. Please specify.

16″ x 60″ New Sharp Lathe Model 1660L-K Standard Accessories:

  • 3-jaw 12″ chuck
  • Face plate (16″)
  • Steady rest w/ bronze tip (1/2″ – 6″)
  • Coolant system
  • Full length splash guard
  • American tool post
  • Threading dial
  • Center sleeve (MT #5 x 3)
  • Dead centers (MT #4 x1, MT #5 x1)
  • Follow rest
  • Halogen work light
  • Newall NMS 300, 2 axes DRO
  • Chuck guard with limited switch
  • Longitudinal carriage stops
  • Work light
  • User can choose either 220V or 440V application. 575V needs an optional transformer.
  • Tailstock and tool kit includes: Machine manual, half nut wrench, 17m and 19m wrenches, set of 6 Allen wrenches, Phillips-head screw driver, flat head screw driver, oil can, grease gun, rear way cover bracket, 2 sets of dead center, pin for indicator, can of paint

16″ x 60″ New Sharp Lathe Model 1660L-K Optional Accessories:

3J12D8  3-jaw 12″ chuck (BTC)  $1,060.00
4J12D8  4-jaw 12″ chuck (BTC) $1,005.00
803-1038  3-jaw chuck 10″ (Bison) $1,675.00
803-1238  3-jaw chuck 12″ (Bison) $2,580.00
853-1238  4-jaw chuck 12″ (Bison) $1,525.00
TG 16 L  Tool guard (factor order only) $1,470.00
LSG-1660 L  Lead screw guard (factory order only) $1,350.00
GBS-16L  Guard behind spindle (factory order only) $45.00
UL/CSA-16  UL/CSA switch board/UL motor/CSA pump in lieu of regular version (factory order only) $1,050.00
UL compliance certificate issued by CSA Group in Los Angeles with:
1. Tool guard (TG 16 L)
2. Lead screw guard (LSG-1660 L)
3. Guard behind spindle (GBS-16L)
4. UL/CSA switch board/UL motor/CSA pump in lieu of regular version (UL/CSA-16) 
18C-02  Micrometer carriage stop $175.00
18C-05  4-way tool post for 16″ swing lathe $1,085.00 (installed)
18C-03  Taper attachment (factory installed) $2,695.00
18C-04  Roller jaws for steady rest $500.00
16C-01  (Extra) Steady rest 16″ for lathes (1/2-6″ capacity) $620.00
16C-09  Steady rest for 16″ lathes (4-9″ capacity) $1,230.00
16/18-D/A  Drill & arbor (JACOBS) $410.00
CXA-2511-7250  Quick change tool (7 pcs) holder set (Aloris) $2,185.00
10854  Live center – Royal (dual bearing) MT#4 $275.00
LC-MT4  Live center – MT#4 $155.00
ACC-5C  5C collet set (1/8″ to 1-1/16″ by 1/16″) 16 pcs $430.00
16/18LV  5C collet closer set for 16/18″ lathe (Atlas) $2,050.00
440 T 10  575V transformer, please select $1,275.00
MTR 16/18L-10HP  10 HP motor in lieu of 7.5 HP $1,200.00
40 T 10 380/440/575 V transformer, please select $1,275.00


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