18" x 22" New Amada Vertical Tilt Frame Bandsaw Model VT4555M

18″ x 22″ New Amada Vertical Tilt Frame Band Saw Model VT4555M (8-Mark-III) 0-3˚Cant – USA Made!

• 60˚ Tilt Left & Right
• Auto Head Retract
• Mechanical Feed
• 1-1/4″ Blade
• Optional Power Tilt – $2,600.00


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18″ x 22″ New Amada Vertical Tilt Frame Band Saw Model VT4555M (8-Mark-III) Specifications:

Cutting Capacity (Standard Column with 3° Forward Cant)  
Round 0° (diameter)
Round at 45° right (diameter)
Round at 45° left (diameter)
Round at 60° right (diameter)
Round at 60° left (diameter)
Rectangle at 0° (W x H)
17.5″ x 22″ 
Rectangle at 45° right (W x H)
17.5″ x 14.5″
Rectangle at 45° left (W x H)
17.5″ x 13″
Rectangle at 60° right (W x H)
17.5″ x 9.7″
Rectangle at 60° left (W x H)
17.5″ x 7.3″
Maximum vise opening at 45° left
Maximum vise opening at 60° left
Work load capacity
4,996 lbs
Saw Blade
Blade size (L x T x W)
15’4″ x 0.042″ x 1-1/4″
Blade speed
50-450ft/min by Inverter
Tension control
Pneumatic (tightening by air ratchet)
Blade Control
Cutting control
Clutch power feed
Blade feed force
0 to 250 lbs
Saw blade
5 HP
Sawhead fast feed
1/4 HP
Cutting fluid pump
1/8 HP
Tilt gear motor
1/15 HP
Power Requirements
Power supply voltage
AC230V +- 10% or AC460V +- 10%
3PH, 60 Hz, voltage must be specified when ordering
Power requirement
Cutting Fluid
Tank capacity
19.8 gal
Pump type
Air Supply
Air supply
87 – 145 psi
Air set pressure
80 psi
Chip disposal
Feed Table
Feed mechanism
Feed stroke
Machine dimensions (W x L x H)
94.7″ x 99.2″ x 90.8″
Table Height (Above Floor)
Machine Weight
2,867 lbs


18″ x 22″ New Amada Vertical Tilt Frame Band Saw Model VT4555M (8-Mark-III) Features:

  • SPEED RANGE: 50 – 450 fpm (15 – 137 m/min) infinitely variable with inverter drive
  • FRONT-MOUNTED SPEED CONTROL: Allows blade speed to be adjusted from operator’s control station
  • FEED RANGE: 0-140 lbs (64 kgf) infinitely variable direct reading scale balance beam on the VT4555. 0-250 lbs (113 kgf) infinitely variable with control on operator’s panel and Automatic Column Return. Column feed is mechanical with Marvel clutch power feed on VT4555M
  • T-SLOTTED WORK TABLE: Work area 24.25″ x 33″; table height 34.5″; four machined T-slots accept 0.625″ T-Bolts on VT4555. Work area 24.25″ x 33″; table height 38″; two machined T-slots on VT4555M.
  • 0° – 3° CANTED COLUMN: Adjustable 0 or 3° forward approach angle, for notching, or increased efficiency in cutting of structural materials (only available on VT4555M). *VT4555 is not adjustable and is available in either 0° or optional 3° cant*
  • MITER CUTTING: Column and blade tilt up to 45° on VT4555 and up to 60° right and left of vertical on the VT4555M. Optional Powered Tilt only available on the VT4555M
  • QUICK-ACTION VISE: Maximum opening 18”. Jaws can be shifted to either right or left side of blade. Jaws are 6” high, 12” wide
  • AUTOMATIC STOPS: Adjustable stops can be pre-set to stop advance and return of blade, and also to stop motor at any location within the 18” travel of the blade (available on VT4555M). *VT4555 doesn’t have auto return feature*
  • FLUSHING HOSE: Washes chips from hard to get at places reducing clean-up time
  • POWER CHIP BRUSH: Together with blade wipers and flood coolant deep blade teeth free of chips
  • EAGLE BEAK VTR BLADE: Eagle Beak VTR blade with 3/6 tooth pitch. This is the standard blade that is included with machine purchase


18″ x 22″ New Amada Vertical Tilt Frame Band Saw Model VT4555M (8-Mark-III) Optional Accessories:

E4 Second Standard Vise $650
M3M Powered Column Tilt $2,600
DRO Digital Tilt Readout $950
Marvel Classic Colors Gray with yellow vises and Marvel logo $950
Blade Eagle Beak VTR 3/6 tooth pitch (in addition to the start-up blade) additional year of parts warranty when you purchase 10 or more blades.  $69
Blade Eagle Beak VTR 3/6 tooth pitch for M6 High Column only (in addition to the start-up blade) additional year of parts warranty when you purchase 10 or more blades. $73
M6 High Column $5,000
M7 High Jaws $1,170
M8 45° High Jaws $630
E5 High Jaw Vise-Complete  $1,220
E6 High Jaws-Jaws Only $920
E14 Air Powered Vise $1,090
E15 45° High Jaw Vise-Complete $1,320
E16 45° High Jaws Only $1,070
M9A Variable Vise Pressure (must order Quantity 1 or 2, E14 with this for operation of the option) $1,470
ML2 Mist Lube-Automatic $1,400
CL2210 Unist Coolube 2210 (price per gallon) $160
E8 Length Gauge-Machine $250
LAL Laser Alignment Light $1,590
8/F055 First Section Dead Roller Conveyor $1,250
8/X055 Extension Dead Roller Conveyor $890
SP1118 First Section Free Standing Dead Roller Conveyor $1,170
8/SP1040 First Section Dead Roller Conveyor w/ Manual Length Gauge $5,990
8/SP1097 Extension Dead Roller Conveyor with Gauge Rail $2,650
E10 Length Gauge-Assembly $290
E11 Coolant Pan $510
E12 Eccentric Lift Roller $320
E13 Additional Rollers $60
8SP00420 Remote Push Button Station $3,480
575-3-60 Volt Option $1,750
220-1-60 Volt Option $3,770


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