20′ x 350 Ton New Haco Press Brake Euromaster S

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State-of-the-art user friendly 2D Multi Touch Control
Highest part precision
PHOTO: Haco Euromaster Press Brake Shown with Optional Sheet Support.
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20′ x 350 Ton New Haco Press Brake Euromaster S

The 20′ x 350 Ton New Haco Press Brake Euromaster is Haco’s general level press brake with market oriented execution. These high quality European built press brakes feature 2d multi touch graphical control. Haco press brakes offer the best price to performance value for your fabrication needs.

Beam control for the new Haco Press brake Euromaster series. Beam parallelism and depth stop setting by means of bed referenced linear encoders for accurate beam position measurement, synchro module and proportional valve hydraulics

New Haco press brake EuroMaster S easy to use Fastbend 2D multitouch control specifications:

The application of Multi Touch technology reduces the number of keyboard- and button actions to an absolute minimum. The innovative Smart Draft, Design/Bending Multitasking, Step Previewer and Combined Icons features allow the operator a straightforward, intuitive control of the entire production cycle.

  • 21.5″ multi color Multi Touch screen
  • Design and Bending Sequence Calculation in Multitasking Mode
  • Standard 2D/3D visualization
  • Automatic or manual bending
  • Automatic double bends solution
  • Fast Design mode
  • Execution of generated 2D-programs
  • Editable graphical tool database
  • Editable material database
  • Automatic/ Programmable retraction
  • False bend solution
  • Auto tool search
  • Real time bend sequence calculation
  • Metric or imperial measure input
  • USB interface
  • Network + offline functions
  • Multi-language support
  • Remote diagnostics

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New 20′ x 350 Ton New Haco Press Brake EuroMaster Specifications

Bending Length 236″
Capacity 350 Ton
Distance Between Housings 198″
Basic European Standard
Daylight Opening 24.41″
Stroke 16.54″
Gap 15.75″
Option New Standard
Daylight Opening 21.25″
Stroke 16.54″
Gap 15.75″
Table  Height 43″
Fast Approach Speed 23.6″ IPM
Max. Bending Speed 18.9″ IPM
Fast Return Speed 22.5″ IPM
Motor Power 30 HP
Length 25.4″
Width 80″
Height 137″
Weight  72752 Lbs.


New 20′ x 350 Ton New Haco Press Brake EuroMaster Features

  • FastBEND-2D MT Premium control
    • Smart Draft + MultiTasking + Step Previewer + Combined Icons + Auto Tooling 21.5” Multi Touch screen
  • High Speed X-R Back gauge for accurate sheet positioning
    • Stroke X = 32″, speed = 2362″/min
    • Stroke R = 10″, speed = 590″/min
  • European Standard (ES) top clamping with Quick Manual Clamping Arrangement
  • Intermediate clamping with height 6″ (all models ≤ 350 Ton), height 5″ HD version ( all models = 400 Ton)
  • CNC controlled Anti Deflection Table (Crowning) for ES dies, including nute for clamping single-V dies
  • Haco euromaster supports2 Sheet Supports 29,5″ with guiding, manually adjustable in height
  • LED illumination of the bending area
    A rigid and accurate back gauge is an absolute condition for precision. High speed is an absolute condition for production output and short cycle times. The EuroMaster’s X-R back gauge (and optional X-R-Z/Z’ and X-R- Z1-Z2 versions) offers both.
    Manual finger width adjustment from the front.
  • EUROPEAN STANDARD (ES) TOP TOOLING with Quick Manual Clamping arrangement and CNC Anti Deflection Table with clamping for ES dies The European Standard Tooling System has proven its flexibility, affordability and precision during the last decades in an infinite number of sheet metal working shops. A wide choice of a vast number of top and bottom tools allows for an unpredictable number of applications in various materials and thicknesses.
    Compensates for ram and table deflection, ensuring consistent bending angles over the entire bending length. Standard CNC controlled (V-axis).
    Rigid and High Speed back gauge for accurate sheet positioning

New 20′ x 350 Ton New Haco Press Brake EuroMaster Optional Accessories

  • Wila’s ‘New Standard’ Tooling System has become market leader for precision, quality and flexibility. The selfseating and selfaligning features considerably improve your set up times and productivity of your pressbrake. Both bottom (OZU) and top (BIU) tooling are clamped hydraulically. The bottom clamping is integrated in the crowning table. New Standard tooling is safe: the Safety-Click system (for top tools up to 12,5 kg) enables vertical loading and unloading of your top tooling without any risk.
    For tools with bigger weight, a safety pin or key is applied. Working surfaces and bending radii of New Standard tooling are hardened and precision ground for maximum longevity.
  • The Smart Tool Locator (STL) further increases your pressbrake productivity. The system indicates by means of built-in LED’s the right clamping position of your tooling during tool set up and indicates the active tool location in production mode. The Smart Tool Locator offers significant benefits in speed, precision and flexibility. Available for all hydraulic New Standard Tool Holders for top and bottom tools.
  • NEW STANDARD PREMIUM AND PRO TOOLING Both top (BIU) and bottom (OZU) tools are available in a wide variety of shapes and dimensions. For more detailed information, see the New Standard Tooling Catalogue. Available for all hydraulic New Standard Tool Holders for top and bottom tools.
  • Lazersafe Optical Safety Guards Advanced Safety. CE Safety Regulations require the application of an Optical Safety Guard (OSG) when operating at closing speed. Optical modules (transmitter and receiver) mounted to the ram of the machine monitor the downward movement in the area underneath the top tooling tip. During the fast closing speed, the beam movement is instantaneously stopped when the system detects an obstacle. EuroMaster-S and PressMaster can be equipped with LazerSafe LZS-LG-HS with mute point 6mm (RapidBend) or with LazerSafe IRIS (RapidBend Ultimate) with mute point 0 mm.
  • Lazersafe Optical Safety Guards IRIS
    • Optimal Speed Change Over Point
    • Fast Closing Speed in safe conditions (monitoring till mute point 0 mm)
    • Faster cycle times
    • Ultimate Operator Safety
    • Security against tooling damage
    • Full Integration in the CNC System
    • Automatic Alignment
      • All sensors + 3 zones active
        Fast Approach Speed till mute punt Followed by Working Speed (unless interruption by obstacle)
      • Programmable flange height
        Extra deliberately foot pedal command
        Front and Rear zone switched off at flange height
      • Applicable for workpieces with flanges which
        interrupt the monitored zone in normal mode operation. Initial fast approach till mute point, consequently operator infeed of the workpiece.
  • Haco Euromaster Alpha-FAngle Measuring System Alfa-F Angle Measurement
    • System consisting of 2 laser beam transmitters and 2 camera’s on both sides of the workpiece.
      Principle :

      • Angle Measurement
      • Force reduction + calculation of the springback
      • Automatic angle correction (taking into account the calculated springback)
      • Different V-openings and dies are applicable, preferable single-V’s with minimal height of 100mm
      • Quick manual adjustment along the machine length (optional CNC-positioning)
      • Optional parking station if system is not in operation
      • Standard tooling is applicable – no extra cost for internal measuring units
      • No contact elements – no mechanical wear
      • Contactless angle measurement principle guarantees a reliable system even in heavy duty circumstances.
      • Compact assembly guarantees an optimal working space for operator and material
      • Possibility of measuring on workpieces with apertures
      • Guaranteed precision
  • Angle Measuring System IRIS Plus
    • Automatic angle measurement and automatic correction of the bending angle
      Active Angle control is a highly accurate angle control process that calculates spring back for each individual bend, then controls the bend depth with Live Angle Bending to achieve the correct angle.
    • IRIS Plus comprises a laser transmitter and receiver set mounted to the upper beam of the press brake. It includes a high speed digital camera and image data processing system contained within the receiver unit.
    • Standard tooling is applicable – no extra cost for internal measuring units
    • No contact elements – no mechanical wear
    • Contactless angle measurement principle guarantees a reliable system even in heavy duty circumstances.
    • Compact assembly guarantees an optimal working space for operator and material
    • Possibility of measuring on workpieces with apertures
    • Guaranteed precision
  • Sheet Following Systems For bending long and thin sheets
    • Sheet Following Systems are especially recommended when bending long and thin sheets as they support as well as prevent second bends in your part. They are very efficient in supporting heavy parts during decompression and the beam return movement.
    • The Sheet Following Units are operating electro-mechanically by means of servo motors, with adjustable speed as a function of the applied V-opening. They can be adjusted vertically in order to suit different die heights.
    • Optional parking stations at right and/or left hand side of your pressbrake allow for parking your sheet following system when not operational. The system is moved out of the bending zone enhancing ergonomics and safety.
  • SyncView Human and machine become one
    SyncView was invented from the notion that it would be ideal to watch both screen and workpiece simultaneously during the bending
    process. This innovative solution consists of a tablet screen that is automatically positioned at the optimal location: where the piece is
    actually positioned by the operator.

    • 8” display
    • Fast, automated positioning to the correct tool location
    • Multi-Touch interface
    • automated wireless charging
  • The operator no longer has to look at a fixed 3D image on the screen – sometimes meters away from him – time is no longer wasted when bending (complex) parts. With this innovation– in which the 3D image of the bending steps is always right in front of the user – he can understand and carry out the steps quicker during the bending sequence. In addition, the 3D images on the screen can be rotated, without the operator having to leave the work position. This enables an even better and faster evaluation of complex pieces than is possible from a single perspective. User tests indicate time-savings of up to 25% during the actual bending process.
  • The operator no longer has to constantly keep turning his head between the screen and the workpiece. Eliminating repetitive torsional movements of the neck and torso reduces long-term health risks. Now, the operator can look in the same direction at both the screen and the workpiece, which simply requires eye movement – producing a more pleasant, natural and comfortable interaction.
  • What’s more, should something go wrong, the operator now recognizes it quickly. This is a safety benefit particularly when positioning the piece. The operator is no longer occupied either with the screen or with the workpiece. The workflow becomes one, so to speak – enabling the operator to focus 100% on the bending process itself.

Syncview Video Demonstration


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