23.6” New Ibarmia Geared-Drive Column Drill Model AX32

23.6″ New Ibarmia Geared-Drive Column Drill Model AX32 for sale at Worldwide Machine Tool view specifications, features, options and photos below.
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23.6″ New Ibarmia Geared-Drive Column Drill Model AX32 Specifications:

Maximum drilling capacity in steel 1.26″
Maximum drilling capacity in cast iron 1.38″
Maximum tapping capacity in steel 0.87″
Maximum tapping capacity in cast iron 1.18″
Spindle taper 4MT
Quill diameter 2.56″
Spindle travel (drilling depth) 5.91″
Main motor power 1.5 Hp
Coolant pump motor power 0.1 Hp
Number of speeds 9
Number of automatic feeds (AX & BX) 3
Auto feed range: in/rev (AX & BX) 0.0039 / 0.0078 / 0.0118
Standard motor 1800 rpm spindle speeds 158-232-332-382-559-799-1059-1555-2222
Dimensions and Weights  
Height  87.4″
Base (L x W) 26.8″ x 16.5″
Base to spindle 50.39″
Spindle to table  Minimum 5.71″
Maximum 31.89″
Spindle center to column 11.81″
Worktable (L x W) 15.75″ x 16.5″
Base height 4.72″
Column diameter 4.92″
Net weight  SX 847 lbs.
AX 880 lbs.
BX 902 lbs.
Shipping weight  SX 957 lbs.
AX 990 lbs.
BX 1,012 lbs.
Shipping dimensions (L x W x H) SX 44” x 24” x 91”
AX 44″ x 24″ x 91″
BX 46″ x 24″ x 93″


23.6″ New Ibarmia Geared-Drive Column Drill Model AX32 Features:

  • Hardened and ground high quality steel gears
  • Speed plate and selecting levers on front of head
  • Gear box lubrication by automatic pump
  • Machine base with 2 T-slots, coolant tank and pump
  • Large worktable with 3 T-slots
  • Feed crank wheel for manual feed
  • Depth scale and adjustable depth stop
  • Work light
  • Built-in low voltage electrical equipment in machine head
  • Emergency STOP
  • Drill guard with microswitch
  • SX features manual quill feed system
  • AX features mechanical clutch quill feed system
  • BX features electro-magnetic clutch quill feed system


23.6″ New Ibarmia Geared-Drive Column Drill Model AX32 Optional Accessories:

Factory Installed  
MGI-X  Rotating & Tilting Table $630.00
MGM-X  Reversing Rotating Tilting Table $2,660.00
RPF-X  Pitch Control Tapping $4,000.00
HGP-X  Master Guide & Nut Set $725.00
HB-X  Hydro-Pneumatic Power Feed $8,635.00
ACNL-X  Pneumatic Counterbalance w/ Rapid Approach and Retract (BX models only) $6,105.00
CI-X  Integral Drilling Cycle w/ Encoder (BX models only) $8,775.00
UC-X  Union for Multi-Spindle Head $1,605.00
CN-X  Pneumatic Counterbalance $1,715.00
SC-X  7.8″ Column Riser $865.00
CM-X  Auxillary Control Box (start/stop & E-stop) (BX models only) $410.00
LBC-X  Digital Readout Scale $755.00
VE-X32  Variable Speed Inverter (X32 models) $1,540.00
TAK-X32  Digital RPM Counter for VE-X32 (X32 models) $1,140.00
MB-X  Security Bimanual Command (BX models only) $1,505.00
X99150  Motor, 1200 RPM Motor POA
X99160  Motor, 3600 RPM Motor POA
X99170  Motor, 900/1800 RPM Motor POA
X99180  Motor, 1800/3600 RPM Motor POA
Cross Slide Table  
MCC-ZX  Cross Table 15″ x 8.7″ (Z32&34 and X32&34 models) POA
MB-2  Cross Table 11″ x 7″ $4,660.00
MB-3  Cross Table 15.7″ x 7″ $5,025.00
MB-4  Cross Table 19.6″ x 9.8″ $6,655.00
All Accessories  
PST  Cycle Start Foot Pedal $835.00
PSR  Foot Pedal for Reversing (Must have the RS version) $835.00


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