24″ x 87″ New Sharp Traveling Column Surface Grinder Model SH-2487

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This is a large size surface grinder suitable for grinding big, heavy work piece. To ensure smooth and steady movements, the cross travel is designed by having the vertical column travels in and out instead of the saddle. The table and column travels on T-shaped one piece casting base with TURCITE coated sideways.

24″ x 87″ New Sharp Traveling Column Surface Grinder Model SH-2487 Specifications:

Table Travel 26″ x 93″
Spindle Center to Table Surface 28″
Working Surface (W x L) 24″ x 87″
Longitudinal Hydraulic Table Feed 39.37 – 984.25 in./min
Intermittent Cross Feed 0.04 – 0.6 ipm
Continues Cross Feed (Ballscrew) 94.5 ipm
Number of Graduations on Dial 200
Feed per Graduation 0.001″
Feed per Revolution 0.200″
Vertical Travel  
Number of Graduations 100
Feed per Graduation 0.0001″
Feed per Revolution 0.010″
Rapid Downfeed (optional) 7.9 ipm
Wheel Size (OD x Width x ID) 14″ x 2″ x 5″
Spindle Motor 10 HP
General Information  
Approximate Weight 20,600 lbs
Machine Dimensions 20.34 x 9.28 x 9.70 ft
Total Power Consumption  
220V 15.84 KVA/68 amps
440V 15.84 KVA/34 amps

24″ x 87″ New Sharp Traveling Column Surface Grinder Model SH-2487 Features:

  • For cross travel, the vertical column travels in and out instead of a saddle. This design offers more accurate grinding for large, heavy work pieces.
  • The length of the bed ways are twice the table length to ensure no overhang of the table.
  • Longitudinal and cross slide ways are hand-scraped and Turcite coated for high wear resistance and smooth table and column movements.
  • Hydraulic longitudinal table movement
  • Motorized cross column movement with solid state relay
  • Spindle rapid traverse is standard. NC down feed is optional.
  • Free standing hydraulic units prevent heat and vibration from causing grinding inaccuracy.
  • Two single action hydraulic cylinders and piston rods ensure stable table motion.

24″ x 87″ New Sharp Traveling Column Surface Grinder Model SH-2487 Standard Equipment:

  • Coolant System (25 Gal.)
  • Wheel Balancer
  • Wheel Balancing Stand & Arbor
  • Ballscrew on Cross Feed
  • Electronic Crossfeed & Stroke Setting
  • Wheel Flange
  • Grinding Wheel (14” x 2” x 5”)
  • Auto Lube System
  • Spindle Head Rapid Up & Down
  • Wired 220V or 440V. Please specify.
  • Splash Guard Both Front and Back

24″ x 87″ New Sharp Traveling Column Surface Grinder Model SH-2487 Optional Accessories:

NC Spindle Down Feed With Touch Screen, Servo Motor, Ballscrew  
Auto Parallel Dresser  
15HP Upgraded from 10HP  
Coolant System w/ Paper Filter & Magnetic Separator (30 Gal)  
Parallel Dresser (Manual)  
Parallel Dresser (Semi-Automatic)  
Spare Wheel Adaptor (Flange)  
Radius and Angle Dresser  
Mist Collection System  


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