28″ x 30″ New DoALL Horizontal Band Saw CNC Enclosed Dual Column Model DC-750CNC


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The DC-750CNC Hercules high production, horizontal CNC band saws from DoALL are highly efficient, automatic, hydraulically controlled machines with multiple material feeds. Designed for vertical cuts, the DoALL DC-750CNC model is ideal for serial production in industrial settings. Thanks to the robust construction of the DC-750CNC, it is possible to cut a wide range of full and profile materials including stainless and tool steel. In addition, the “box” or enclosed design provides very safe operation. A large variety of optional accessories are available to customize the machine for specific sawing requirements.


Cutting Capacity Round (Tube or Solid) 27.6″ (700mm)
Cutting Capacity Rectangle 27.6 x 29.5″ (700x750mm)
Maximum Bundle Capacity 29.5×17.7″ (750x450mm)
Auto Index Stroke Length 0.12-27.5″ (3-700mm)
Band Saw Blade Width 2-5/8×0.063″ (67×1.6mm)
Maximum Blade Length 302-3/8″ (7680mm)
Band Speed 50-262 fpm (15-80mpm)
Band Drive 15 hp (11.1kW)
Hydraulic Pump 5.4 hp (4kW)
Coolant Pump 0.2 hp (0.155kW)
Material Pass Line Height 24.4″ (620mm)
Machine Weight 27558 lbs (12500kg)
Dimensions W x L x H 229 x 109 x 95″ (5800x2750x2400mm)
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Standard Equipment:

  • Siemens saw control with touch screen display
  • Work light
  • Hydraulic band tension
  • Automatic guide arm setting
  • Automatic feed control with programmable feed rates
  • Variable vise pressure control – Set of 2
  • Power-driven band brush
  • Chain chip conveyor with large pan
  • Automatic retraction of material in cycle for protection of carbide blades
  • Dual acting index vice jaws for crooked stock
  • Retractable stationary machine vice jaw
  • Flood coolant
  • Tool kit
  • Complimentary DoALL cutting fluids package
  • One DoALL bi-metal saw blade
  • Instruction and parts manuals on CD or USB data stick

Optional Accessories:

  • Mist-style saw band lubrication … $1,535.00
  • Laser line generator … $1,075.00
  • Laser safety curtain … $5,260.00
  • Dynamic adjustment of feed rate to ensure cut square-ness … $3,750.00
  • Hydraulic front and rear vise nesting – Set of 2 … $11,040.00
  • Laser edge finder – eliminates need for crop cut … $1,585.00
  • Programmable work height … $1,985.00
  • 3.3 ft. (1000mm) Input or output conveyor with drip pan/gutter – 31.5 in. (800mm) cylinder width – 1344 lbs/ft (2000kg/m) capacity … $5,625.00
  • 3.3 ft. (1000mm) Conveyor filler plates – Requires RDT for operation … $860.00
  • 6.6 ft. (2000mm) Heavy-duty conveyor with RBR – 31.5 in. (800mm) cylinder width – 4704 lbs/ft (7000kg/m) capacity … $33,760.00
  • 6.6 ft. (2000mm) Input or output conveyor with drip pan/gutter – 31.5 in. (800mm) cylinder width – 1344 lbs/ft (2000kg/m) capacity … $5,630.00
  • Single fixed vertical guide roller – 25.6 in. (650mm) cylinder height – Attaches to RDT for operation … $1575.00
  • Single adjustable vertical guide roller – Adjusts up to 25.6″ (650mm) cylinder height – Requires RBR for operation … $15,990.00
  • Additional conveyor rollers for RDT … $795.00
  • Hydraulic shift of vertical guide roller – Requires RBRS for operation … $2,190.00
  • 6.6 ft. (2000mm) Conveyor filler plates – Requires RDT for operation … $1,290.00
  • Large chip pan with drain … $840.00
  • Wear parts service kit … $2,235.00
  • Additional digital copy of manuals on CD or USB data stick … $75.00
  • Start-up kit – includes 6 genuine DoALL blades, Vernier caliper, refractometer, heavy-duty work gloves, work apron, safety glasses, squeegee, magnetic wand chip remover and ball cap … $1,250.00

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