3" New D.C. Morrison Keyseater for sale at Worldwide Machine Tool

3″ New D.C. Morrison Keyseater

The 3″ New D.C. Morrison Keyseater for sale at Worldwide Machine Tool specifications, features photos and price quote. Call Worldwide Machine Tool at 614-255-9000.

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The 3″ New D.C. Morrison Keyseater for sale at Worldwide Machine Tool

The 3″ New D.C. Morrison Keyseater for sale is built to cut heavy duty keyways into stainless steel or other exotic materials. The Morrison keyseater machine uses an adjustable speed drive unit. By slowing the surface speed of the tool our standard high speed cutters are sufficient to produce keyways without excessive tool wear. The simple and reliable Morrison Keyseater uses a simple reducer to change speeds to complete any keyway job.


3″ New D.C. Morrison Keyseater Specifications:

Keyway Size 1/8″ to 3″
Maximum Length of Cut 14″
Number of Feeds (6) .001″ – .006″
Distance from 2″ cutter to column 34-1/2″
Table Size 50″ x 36-1/2″
Table Height from Floor 41-1/2″
Floor Space from Hydraulic system 41″ x 43″
Floor Space Keyseater – Weight

84″ x 36″ – 8,800 Lbs.

Motor 20 H.P. 220v or 440v


3″ New D.C. Morrison Keyseater Features:

  • Automatic Feed : Automatic feed (.001″ through .006″) eliminates pushing a feed bar. Eliminates the human error of feeding too much or too little. The automatic feed insures accuracy and enable the operator to get ready for the next set-up.
  • Automatic Stop : Automatic stop cuts off the feed for any given depth. Allowing the operator to perform other duties.
  • Automatic Relief : Automatic relief backs the work away from the cutter on the up stoke eliminating drag and insuring a clean keyseat.
  • Quick Set-Up : Quick set-up is one of the most important features. The operator has all control handles built into the machine and to change from one pice to another is simple and fast. Different cutter bits cutter bits are interchangeable. The cutter bar does not need to be changed in order to cut a different size keyseat.
  • Single Tooth Cutters : Single tooth cutters are not only for accuracy but eliminate time and trouble in sharpening. All cutters are of the finest high speed tool steel.
  • Adjustable Stroke : The stroke is infinitely adjustable. This is very desirable when slower cutting speeds are required.
  • Automatic Centering : Automatic centering centers up the work quickly and easily. It can be set for multiple jobs of two or more pieces, automatically centering the next work piece.
  • Automatic Lubrication : Automatic lubrication feeds oil to all necessary moving parts by the means of a one shot system for the operator.
  • No bushings : The Morrison keys eater uses no bushings simplifying the operation but no extra equipment need be ordered to cut a keyseat in any size bore. The cutter bar is supported close to the actual cut by a quick acting adjustable cutter bar support above and below the work.
  • Hydraulic System : With the hydraulic set on a maximum pressure cylinder size is 3-1/4″ diameter. The machine will develop approximately 8 tons of cutting pressure at cutting edge of cutter.
  • Start Stop magnetic starter with over and under voltage protection
  • Variable Speed
  • Automatic Lubrication
  • Automatic Table Feed
  • Hydraulic Unit
  • Centering Vee
  • 2″ Cutter Bar

3″ New D.C. Morrison Keyseater Options:

1″ Inserted Cobalt Cutter $270.00
1-1/4″ Inserted Cobalt Cutter $280.00
1-1/2″ Inserted Cobalt Cutter $285.00
1-3/4″ Inserted Cobalt Cutter $290.00
2″ Inserted Cobalt Cutter $295.00
2-1/4″ Inserted Cobalt Cutter $315.00
2-1/2″ Inserted Cobalt Cutter $330.00
2-3/4″ Inserted Cobalt Cutter $345.00
3″ Inserted Cobalt Cutter $365.00
Cutter Adaptors for smaller cutters than listed above $175.00
All cutters are .00154″ oversize unless otherwise specified  
Special Cutters Sizes not listed add 25% over nearest standard size. For radius cutters add 50% Other special applications contact factory for price and delivery.


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