34″ x 280″ New Kingston Lathe Model HG7000 (Video)

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34″ x 280″ New Kingston Lathe Model HG7000 for sale

The 34″ x 280″ HG models are the heavyweight champs of Kingston’s manual line. Available in 12.5” and 14.7” spindle bores, respectively, the HK and HG thrive under the most demanding of work conditions. The HK (available in 30” or 34” swing) consistently leads the industry in heavy-duty oil country applications—with the shorter 30” swing being the most popular for its lower center of gravity and maximum stability during heavy cutting—while the larger HG is available in swing sizes up to 40”. These models are equipped with a powerful 20 HP Mitsubishi inverter-driven main motor (6P) and a hydraulic braking system, with a semi-automatic air threading attachment (complete with taper) as a popular option. Kingston’s commitment to building powerful, big bore, heavy duty machines is legendary; the HK and HG are Kingston’s maximal efforts – showcasing our largest spindle bore sizes, heaviest loading capacity, and massive amounts of torque. The HK and HG come front-and-rear-chuck ready (A2-20 spindle nose), with lengths from 120” to 280” between centers.

34″ x 280″ New Kingston Lathe Model HG7000 Specifications:

Swing Over Bed 34″
Height of Center from Leg Bottom 48.6″
Swing Over Cross Slide 25.13″
Swing Over Gap 45.59″
Distance Between Centers 278”
Width of Bed 22″
Height of Center from Leg Bottom 48.6”
Spindle Bore 14.5″
Taper of Spindle Bore & Center 3/4” Taper per Foot
Type of Spindle Nose ASA A2-20
Number of Spindle Speeds 16
Spindle RPM 5 – 300 RPM
Main Drive Motor 20 HP
Coolant Pump Motor 1/4 HP
Number of Feed Changes 40 Kinds
Range of Feeds per Revolution 0.0024”-0.0337″
Longitudinal Cross 1/2 of Longitudinal Feed
Leadscrew Diam. & Threads per Inch 1.875” / 2 TPI
Threading inch/metric
Threading range Whitworth 1 to 28 TPI (50)
Threading range Metric 1 to 28mm pitch (41)
Threading range Module 0.5 to 7 M (20)
Threading range D.P. 4 to 56 D.P. (40)
Maximum Travel of Compound 9.75″
Maximum Travel of Cross Slide 21.25″
Tailstock Quill Travel 11.75″
Tailstock Quill Diameter 5.125″
Tailstock Center M.T. #6
Floor Space W: 86″ L: 365″
Machine Weight 28,800

34″ x 280″ New Kingston Lathe Model HG7000 Features:

  • 20 HP, 230V (only), 3 Phase, 6P Motor and Electrics Including Motor Drive Arrangement with Inverter & Hydraulic Brake
  • Spindle Bore: HK 12.5” / HG 14.7”
  • Spindle Nose: ASA-A2-20
  • 16 Spindle Speeds: 5 – 300 RPM
  • Hydraulic Brake System
  • 4-Way Rapid Traverse
  • T-Slot on Tool Slide
  • Hardened and Ground Bed and Cross Slide Ways
  • 2-Speed Drive Tailstock Quill
  • Coolant System with Pump and Piping
  • Pull Drawer Chip (Coolant) Pan
  • Rear Chuck Adapter Installed
  • Front & Rear Chuck Guards

34″ x 280″ New Kingston Lathe Model HG7000:

  • Semi-Automatic Air Threading Attachment w/ Special Taper
  • 11.9”, 19.7” Steady Rest with Roller Jaws
  • 23.5” Steady Rest with Roller Jaws (34″ & 40” Swing Only)
  • Roller Bracket
  • 7.9” Follow Rest
  • Telescopic Taper Attachment ±8° & 3.5”/foot, 19.7” Stroke
  • Drilling Attachment
  • Carriage Stops
  • Splash Guard (Factory Installation Only)
  • Chip Conveyor (Factory Installation Only)
  • Digital Readout (DRO)
  • Aloris Quick Change Tool Post & Sets
  • 3-Jaw & 4-Jaw Manual Chucks

Kingston HG Lathe Video

Optional Accessories

  • Semi-Automatic Air Threading Attachment w/ Special Taper ***Factory Install Only*** $10,500
  • 11.9” Steady Rest With Roller Jaws (Min. Capacity 1.25”) $2,775
  • 19.7” Steady Rest With Roller Jaws (Min. Capacity 11.1”) $3,450
  • 23.5” Steady Rest With Roller Jaws (Min. Capacity 11.9”, 34” & 40” Swing Only) $5,450
  • 7.9” Follow Rest (Min. Capacity 0.75”) $1,925
  • Roller Bracket (34”: 15.75 – 27.5” / 40”: 20” – 33.5”) $6,575
  • Telescopic Taper Attachment (Hardened & Ground) $4,750
  • Drilling Attachment $2,450
  • Micrometer Carriage Stop $ 550
  • Turret Carriage Stop $ 550
  • Halogen Work Light $ 225
  • Add Limit Switch to Chuck Guard $ 115
  • Aloris DA Tool Post Only $1,250
  • Aloris DA Tool Post Plus 6 Holders (Set #5) $2,395
  • Aloris EA Tool Post Only $1,900
  • Aloris EA Tool Post Plus 6 Holders (Set #6) $3,750
  • Newall DP-700 2-Axis Digital Readout + Installation Upon Request
  • Full Length Splash Guard Upon Request
  • Chip Conveyor Upon Request
  • Chucks Upon Request

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