4′ x 22ga New Roper Whitney Magnabend electromagnetic brake

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The 4′ x 22ga New Roper Whitney Magnabend electromagnetic box and pan brake offers performance characteristics no conventional bending brake can match. Its unique electromagnetic keeper clamping system eliminates typical interference points common of other machines and allows you to form several complex shapes not previously possible.

4′ x 22ga New Tennsmith Box & Pan Brake Model S48-22 Specifications:

Capacity, Mild Steel   18 Gauge at 48″ piece
16 Gauge at 36″ piece
14 Gauge at 24″ piece
12 Gauge at 12″ piece
Capacity, Stainless Steel 22 Gauge at 48″ piece
Max. Bending Width 49″
Max Beam Depth  Unlimited
Minimum reverse bend 3/4″
Finger Nose Angle 67.5 Degrees
Electrical 115V, 1Ph, 60 Hz
Bending Beam Arm 2 + 2 Hp
Weight 275 Lbs.
Dimensions LxWxH 27 x 52.25 x 33.25 in.
Includes Floor Stand
(1) 52.5″ Bending Bar
(1) 26″ Bending Bar
(1) 12″ Bending Bar
(1) 6″ Bending Bar
(1) 4″ Bending Bar

Simplicity is evident in Magnabend’s electromagnetic design which eliminates a conventional upper beam and more complex finger arrangements. Keepers (clamping members) are simply positioned over the work piece and are clamped in place electromagnetically when the bending beam is raised. Keepers self-adjust for material thickness as the apron moves.

The rugged simple construction incorporates only one moving part assuring low maintenance and versatility for all of your light duty forming requirements. The included tooling allows for a wide variety of complex shapes to be created right out of the box including rolled edges up 330°, partial length bends, closed shapes, unlimited box depths and heavier material bends (up to 10 ga.) in shorter widths.

Magnabend is the only one of its kind manufactured in the USA.

Electromagnetic Design

The Magnabend is designed to eliminate the hindrance of an upper beam with the introduction of an elongated electromagnet and keeper system.


A simple and effective method of locating the full length keeper is achieved by spring-loaded steel locator balls.

Back Gauge

Production efficiency in repeat bends is provided by adjustable back gauge.

Triple Hinge System

Three hinges allow Magnabend to have a lighter bending beam without limiting durability and reliability.

Bend-Angle Gauge

Convenient bend angle gauge features adjustable stop for precise, efficient repeat bends.

Safety Features

The safety button engages a light magnetic force on the keeper. As well as a safety device, this force is a convenient way to stabilize the work piece for precise measurement before you activate full clamping power.

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