49.21” New Femco CNC Vertical Lathe Model NVL-12M

The New Femco CNC Vertical Lathe Model NVL-12M is the optimum Vertical Lathe for performing turning and milling operations on large parts in a single set-up. Equipped with a 49 inch diameter turning table driven by a 50/60 HP geared spindle motor, the NVL-12M removes metal at rates comparable to any lathe it’s size.

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49.21” New Femco CNC Vertical Lathe Model NVL-12M Specifications:

Table Diameter 49.21″
Max. Swing 62.99″
Max. Turning Height 51.18″
Max. Work Piece Weight 17,000 lbs
Max. Cutting Force 12,010 ft lbs
Table Speed 1-350  RPM (Stepless)
Ram Cross Section 9″ x 9″
Turning Tool Size 1-1/4″
Horizontal Travel (X Axis) 59″
Vertical Travel (Z Axis) 39.37″
X-Axis Rapid Traverse 787″/min
Z-Axis Rapid Traverse 787″/min
Live Tool Rotation Speed 40-3000 RPM
Elevation Speed 18.90 IPM
Vertical Travel Rail 23.62″
Main Table Drive  50/60 HP cont./30 min rated
Crossrail Elevation 7.37 HP
Hydraulic  5 HP
Lubrication of Turntable 0.37 HP
Lubrication of Slideway 0.1 HP
X-Axis Servo Motor Fanuc a30i
Z-Axis Servo Motor Fanuc a40iB
Electric Power 200 Volt, 60 Hz, 3Phase, 160 Amps 95KVA
Weight of Machine 39,690 lbs
Dimensions 135″ x 181″ x 240″


The New Femco CNC Vertical Lathe Model NVL-12M is the optimum Vertical Lathe for performing turning and milling operations on large parts in a single set-up. Equipped with a 49 inch diameter turning table driven by a 50/60 HP geared spindle motor, the NVL-12M removes metal at rates comparable to any lathe it’s size. The ISO #50 taper milling spindle is powerful enough to cut metal at rates equivalent to most machining centers. The NVL-12M hydrostatic ram coupled with a granite carriage provides maximum cutting rigidity along the vertical and horizontal axes.

The Turn Table Drive consists of a 50/60 HP A.C. geared spindle motor provides speed ranges from1 rpm 350 rpm. The turntable sits on a Timken tapered roller bearing inside the headstock.

The Tool Holders utilize ISO # 50 taper shanks and the turning holders use an additional four lock-pins. The NVL-12M ram’s tool mounting face is indexable and equipped with a curvic coupling allowing an addition six-station “turret” tool holder to be mounted and indexed to each of its six stations for O.D. turning. The indexable face also allows for a right angle head to index so as to provide milling and drilling capability on both I.D. and O.D.

An Optional Tool Carrousel Magazine allows for quick automatic tool changes and is mounted on the right side of the crossrail.

The Rigid Surface Hardened and Ground Ram moves up and down via servomotor actuated ball nut against the fixed ball screw. The 9” x 9” square ram is held rigid hydrostatically. This design allows easy boring of relatively small diameter with deep holes.

The Carriage’s horizontal traverse is actuated by rotating ball screw with servomotor attached to the edge of the cross rail.

The Crossrail is made of boxed sectioned meehanite with the weight of the ram and carriage insuring extreme rigidity.

Both the Ram and Carriage positions are measured with Glass digital scale feedback. Therefore it is possible to measure the dimensions of a workpiece in addition to having closed loop positioning of the cutting tool.

All Servo Motors, the Spindle Motor, the Automatic Tool Changer are all controlled with FANUC OIT D controller having all push buttons and display provided on a pendant. The manual pulse generator can be detached from the pendant allowing the operator to carry it with him so he can get close to a workpiece.

There are two kinds of Lubrication supporting this machine. One is the continuous lubrication system for the gearbox of the rotating table and also for its bearing. The other is the automatic interval lubrication system for all the slide ways.

49.21” New Femco CNC Vertical Lathe Model NVL-12M:

  • Simultaneously Controllable Axes: 2
  • Minimum Programmable Increment:0. 0001
  • Program Storage Length (640m)
  • Registered Programs: 400
  • Backlash Compensation
  • Constant Surface Speed Control
  • Self Diagnostic Functions
  • Background Editing
  • Tool Nose Radius Compensation (G70-42)
  • Combined Absolute/Incremental Commands
  • Inch / Metric Programming
  • Multiple Repetitive Cycles (G70-76)
  • Canned Cycles (G90, G92-G76)
  • Reference Point Return (G27-G30)
  • Sub Programming
  • High Resolution 8.4” Monochrome CRT
  • Geometry and Wear Offsets
  • 64 pairs of Tool Offsets
  • Run Hour Display
  • Thread Cutting Retract
  • Automatic Tool Offset Calculation
  • Direct Input of Offset Value Measured
  • Input / Output Interface (RS232C)
  • Machine Lock Key Switch
  • Incremental Offset
  • Rapid Traverse Override
  • Feed Rate Override
  • Spindle Speed Override
  • Manual Pulse Generator
  • Tape Code: EIA, ISO Automatic Recognition
  • Optional Block Skip
  • Canned Cycles for Turning
  • Mirror Image
  • Manual Continuous Feed
  • Dry Run
  • Single Block                                                         
  • Custom Macro 
  • Manual Handle Interruption
  • Clock Function
  • Cylindrical Interpolation                                      
  • English Display
  • Extended Part Program Editing                            
  • Graphic Display
  • Extended Tool Life Management                         
  • External Memory and Sub Program Function
  • Optional Path Name Display                                
  • Multiple Language Display
  • Playback                                                                
  • Polar Coordinate Interpolation
  • Program Number Search                                       
  • Read/Tape Punch Interface
  • Rigid Tapping     
  • Coolant Supply and Recirculation System
  • ATC with 6 + 6 Position Tool Magazine (6 Turning + 6 Milling)
  • Automatic Slideway Lubrication System
  • 4 Jaw Manual Chuck (Mutually Independent)
  • Glass Linear Scales (for X Axis and Z Axis) for Position
  • Feed Back to Servo System
  • Coolant Circulation System
  • C Axis Table Function
  • 6 Tool Holders
  • Bed Leveling and Fastening Parts
  • Splash Guard
  • Work Light
  • Crossrail Slideway Telescope Cover
  • FANUC OiT with Detachable Manual Pulse Generator.
  • Necessary Operation and Maintenance Documentation
  • 1 Set of Hand Tools for Maintenance

New Femco CNC Vertical Lathe Model NVL-12M Options:

  • Coolant thru spindle 15 Bar… $17,000.00
  • Air Conditioner for electric Cabinet… $5,000.00
  • 4 Jaws Hydraulic Chuck… $48,000.00
  • Additional Tool Holders… $5,000.00
    (preferable to be purchased with the machine so
    that the curvic coupling piece on each tool
    holder matches with the piece on the ram).
  • Chip Conveyor… $ 4,000.00


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