50 Ton New Geka Ironworker One Cylinder Model Minicrop

50 Ton New Geka One Cylinder Ironworker Model Minicrop for sale at Worldwide Machine Tool view specifications, features, options and photos below.
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The 50 Ton New Geka Ironworker One Cylinder Model Minicrop comes with three, four and even five work stations, depending on the cylinder capacity. This makes it a versatile machine that can provide several different services. The design of the GEKA punching and shearing machine makes the tool replacement procedure easy, quick and practical. In terms of safety systems, the machines are supplied with guards and devices to avoid exposing workers to unnecessary risks


50 Ton New Geka One Cylinder Ironworker Model Minicrop Specifications:


Shear for Flat Bars  
Flat bars (low deformation)

11.81″ x 0.39″

7.87″ x 0.51″

Length of blades
Round bars  ø
Square bars
Shear or one angle leg L at 45º 3.15″
Working height
Shears for Section Iron  
L at 90º 3.15″ x 3.15″ x 0.32″
L at 90º (with slight deformation) 3.94″ x 3.94″ x 0.39″
Round Bar ø 1.18″
Square bar 1.18″
Notching (OPTIONAL)  
Plate Thickness 0.28″
Angle of
Depth 1.97″
Width 1.58″
Punching Power 50 Tons
Maximum Capacity ø 1.06″ x 0.51″
Throat 6.89″
Stroke 0.83″
Working Height 39.96″
Bending Attachment (OPTIONAL)  
Bending Power 45.162511045506 Tons
Maximum width 3.15″
Maximum Capacity 3.15″ x 0.55″
General Specifications  
Motor 2.2 kW
nº strokes per minute (stroke= 15mm) 16
Net weight 1763.7 lbs
Gross Weight 2204.62 lbs
Packaging dimensions 4.46′ x 3.6′ x 4.9′
Volume of seaworthy package 2.25 m3
Optional Equipment  
Shears for Section Irons  
U and U section iron 3.94″
Pipe Notching  
Maximum diameter 2.36″
Punching Larger Diameters  
Maximum diameter ø 3.94″ x 0.16″


Electrical limit switch.

Electrical limit switch.

The New Geka Ironworker One Cylinder Model Microcrop includes three electrically driven models with the following standard equipment: work table, limit switches and measuring scales. Optionally, electric limit switches may be fitted for cutting flat bar and section iron. The shearing system consists of one single cut, without wasting any material. The MINICROP and MULTICROP have been fitted with a patented floating blade for cutting section iron without any deformation of the material.

50 Ton New Geka Ironworker One Cylinder Model Minicrop Features:

Ironworker – one cylinder punching machine with 3 work stations:

  • Punching
  • Shear for flat bars
  • Angle cutting
Punching equipment up to Ø 1 7/16x5/16

Punching equipment up to Ø 1 7/16×5/16

Excellent cutting quality on the shearing of flat bar station

  • Punching equipment up to ø 1 7/16×5/16″ Through thickness.
  • Blades for cutting ø with  minimum deformation
  • Rectangular notching
  • Electric stop

Angle cutting station

  • L cut up to 80x80x8 mm. without any waste of material or burrs
  • Material clamping guide
  • Adjustable Gap on L blades • Safety protection
Rectangular notching

Rectangular notching

Punching station

  • Monoblock body and sandwich structure • Blade-holder Adjustment
  • Punching B 27 X 10 mm (Microcrop) and B 27 X 12 mm (Mini & Multicrop)
  • Quick change punch
  • Off-set punches available for small angles
  • Safety protection
  • Adjustable Stripper
  • Accurate positioning table with removable front for L punching leg down
Blades for ø cutting with minimum deformation.

Blades for ø cutting with minimum deformation.Flat plate cutting station






50 Ton New Geka One Cylinder Ironworker Model Minicrop Accessories:

Standard Punching Attachment Complete $1,396.00
Standard Punch Gauge Table $1,137.00
3.94″ Oversize Attachment $2,792.00
Fixed 3.94″ Oversize Gauge Table $518.00
X Laser $1,609.00
Rectangle Notching Attachment $986.00
Rectangle Notching Gauge Table $793.00
V Notcher Attachment $882.00
V Notcher Gauge Table $793.00
Pipe Notcher Attachment  With 1 Set of Tooling $1,516.00
Pipe Notcher Die $232.00
Pipe Notcher Punch $255.00
Press Brake Attachment $920.00
Set of U Shearing Blades $1,098.00
Set of T Shearing Blades $1,098.00
Set of I Shearing Blades $1,098.00
Set of Special Shearing Blades $1,098.00
40″ Length Gauge Complete $1,311.00
Extension to Length Gauge in 40″ Sections $352.00


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