63” x 13″ New Clausing Radial Drill Model CLC1600H

63″ x 13″ New Clausing Radial Drill Model CLC1600H for sale at Worldwide Machine Tool view specifications, features, options and photos below.
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63″ x 13″ New Clausing Radial Drill Model CLC1600H Specifications:

Working Area  
Column sleeve diameter 12.6″
Column face to spindle center Maximum 63″
Minimum 13.78″
Spindle head travel 49.2″
Base surface to spindle end Maximum 55.9″
Minimum 18.31″
Arm vertical travel 36.7″
Arm rotation (right & left) 180º
Baseplate working surface 70.9″ x 40.4″
Box table dimensions (L x W x H) 24.8″ x 19.7″ x 19.7″
Base dimensions floor area 100.4″ x 38.2″
Base dimensions height 7.9″
Maximum drilling capacity in steel 1.97″
Maximum drilling capacity in cast iron 2.36″
Maximum tapping capacity in steel 1.57″
Maximum tapping capacity in cast iron 1.97″
Drilling Head  
Spindle taper 5MT
Spindle stroke 10.63″
Quill diameter 3.15″
Number of spindle speeds 12
Spindle speeds (rpm) 56-1450
Number of feeds 3
Spindle feed rate (in/rev.) 0.023″, 0.004″, 0.008″
Spindle drive motor 5 hp (2sp)
Elevating motor 2 hp
Clamping motor 1 hp
Coolant pump motor 1/8 hp
Overall Measurements & Weight  
Maximum machine height  108.7″
Base & column height 86.1″
Shipping dimensions (L x W x H) 105.2″ x 44.1″ x 94.9″
Net weight 7,275 lbs.
Shipping weight 8,378 lbs.


63″ x 13″ New Clausing Radial Drill Model CLC1600H Features:

  • Equipped with hydraulic Step-by-Step clamping system, with proper selection on push button switch. Column, arm, gear-box can be clamped/released independently.  Very easy to be operated and tools will always stay at the same point after tools shifting.
  • Gears in gear-box are cooled by oil cycled by an oil pump to minimize gear wear.
  • Friction type disc clutch absorbs impact force caused by vertical movement of spindle and protects all transmission units inside gear-box. With quick spindle return, the clutch will help speed-up the tapping operation.
  • Specially designed manual tools ejector (drift)
  • Special arm elevating device is provided to prevent arm from falling down abruptly after years of usage.
  • Speed preselection, speed change is hydraulically actuated. Fast and very easy to operate.
  • Coolant system
  • Tool kit and manuals
  • 25” x 19” x 19” box table
  • CE Electrics (spindle guard & UL safety door)
  • Standard 230 volt 3ph other voltages may require a transformer or special order.


63″ x 13″ New Clausing Radial Drill Model CLC1600H Optional Accessories:

CLS-7  7.5Hp motor upgrade in lieu of 5Hp motor $1,280.00
CLS100  Large tilt table 32 x 28 x 24 $11,420.00
CLS101  Small tilt table 20 x 20 x 23 $8,880.00
CLS102  Extra large box table 39 x 31 x 19 $4,955.00
CLS102C  Extra standard box table 25 x 19 x 19 $2,290.00
CLS-SBM5  Spindle braking motor 5Hp (factory installed) (cannot be used if CLS-7 is ordered) $1,255.00
CLS-SBM6  Spindle braking motor 7.5Hp (factory installed) (used when CLS-7 is ordered) $1,370.00
CLS-CSA3  CSA/UL electrics (factory installed) (non-certified) $1,665.00
CLS-200A  Auto reversing tapping feature 5MT (factory installed only) $2,150.00


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