8″ x 18″ New Kent Surface Grinder Model KGS-250WMA1

8″ x 18″ New Kent Surface Grinder Model KGS-250WMA1 accessories, specifications and features:

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8″ x 18″ New Kent Surface Grinder Specifications:

Chuck Size 8″ x 18″
Max. Travel (Longitudinal x Cross) 20″ x 10″
Max. Distance-Spindle Center to Table 19″
Rough Cutting Downfeed Increment 0-0.0099″
Fine Cutting Downfeed Increment 0-0.0099″
Spark-out Times 0-9 Times
Grinding Wheel (OD xT x ID) 8″ x 1/2″ x 1-1/4″
Grinding Wheel Speed 3480 rpm
Spindle Motor 2HP/3HP (optional)
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8″ x 18″ New Kent Surface Grinder Features:

  • Double –V Turcite Cross Ways
  • Auto Lube
  • Ball Bearing with Harden & Ground Table Ways
  • Z-Axis Ballscrew
  • 8” x 18” Electro-Magnetic Chuck with Console Built in Chuck Control
  • Magnetic Separator & Coolant System
  • Full Length Rear Splash Guard
  • Front Table Splash Guard
  • Over Head Parallel Dresser
  • Fully Automatic Cycle with Rough & Fine Feeding & Spark-Out Time
  • Retract Distance Setting
  • PLC Cross Feed
  • Console Setting Cross Feed Travel
  • Down feed Manual Pulse Generator
  • New Mitsubishi Control & Touch Screen Technology
  • Wheel Balancing Base
  • Grinding Wheel
  • Table Dresser
  • Wheel Balancing Arbor
  • Wheel Flange
  • Halogen Work Light
  • Tools & Tool Box
  • Servo Motor Driven Automatic Down Feed
  • Automatic Wheel Dressing and Compensation
  • 1 Axis Programmable

8″ x 18″ New Kent Surface Grinder Model KGS-250WM1 Optional Accessories

Extra Wheel Flange $95.00
Table Splash Guard (Rear) $40.00
Enclosure Splash Guard (3 Months Delivery Upon Order) $3000.00

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