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9″ x 49″ New Bridgeport Mill Series 1 Standard Package 3

The Bridgeport Series I Standard Mill Standard Package 3 is the original milling, drilling and boring machine.The Bridgeport Series I Knee Mill is the most popular mill ever made with over 370,000 machines built over the past 70-plus years.

  • Chrome Plated Ways
  • One Shot Lube
  • Variable Speed Drive
  • Back Gear For Heavy Milling
  • Draw Bar
  • X-Axis Servo Power Feed
  • Inch Screws and Dials, R-8 Spindle, Chrome Ways and Gibs, One-Shot Lube, X & Y-Axis Servo Power Feed (Y-Axis travel stop is not available for this model)



New Bridgeport Mill Series 1 for sale at Worldwide Machine Tool

Bridgeport Mill Series 2 new price. The New Bridgeport Mill Standard Package 3. Inch Screws and Dials, R-8 Spindle, Chrome Ways and Gibs, One-Shot Lube, X & Y-Axis Servo Power Feed (Y-Axis travel stop is not available for this model) available in 230V 60Hz, 208V 60Hz or 460V 60Hz.

Built the Bridgeport Way
The long-term reliability of a Series I mill is the result of its design features, the quality of its components, and the craftsmanship of its hand-scraped ways and precision ground fits. Every Hardinge-Bridgeport knee mill is built to last as if you would build it for yourself. That’s why the resale value of a Bridgeport mill remains consistently high. The “bargain” imitators can’t say that. Our competitive prices are a result of our higher volume­not from building a cheaper machine. Rigidity starts with the main frame components of a machine, and for this reason, the strength and damping qualities of gray cast iron was chosen.

Patented 2J head
The unique and patented air cooling system of the “2j” head ensures that any heat buildup in the spindle bearings, belt or quill area is kept to an absolute minimum. This is achieved by air being drawn into the belt housing and past the spindle bearings by the rotation of the drive belt It is then exhausted out of the head assembly at the top of the casting.

New Bridgeport Mill For sale at Worldwide Machine Tool

Distortion and inaccuracy due to excessive heat rise is kept to a
minimum by maintaining the operating temperature within 20 degrees
fahrenheit of ambient temperature. This also results in increased belt and bearing life, as well as more consistent accuracy. Also, with no external cooling fans, vibration is reduced and the ongoing maintenance or threat
of a fan failure is eliminated. Fans also frequently require a step-down transformer if the machine is wired for power greater than 110 Volts.

Series I One-shot lubrication
Adequate lubrication ensures a long accurate life for the machine. It also reduces maintenance and makes the machine more sensitive and easier for the operator to use. A metered, centralized system lubricates all of the ways and screw assemblies of the machine. Operation of the system by a single lever saves the operator time and makes it easy to always provide the correct amount of oil, predetermined by a series of metering valves built into the system. Many competitive systems do not meter lubrication, which allows the oil to flow to the point of least resistance.Thus one sliding member may receive more oil than another; possibly causing excessive wear to the area that is not getting properly lubricated. An optional Automatic Lubrication System is also

Hand-scraped ways
All alignment ways and gibs are completely hand scraped to within tenths of a thousandth.This ensures optimum machine geometry, rigidity and accuracy.

New Bridgeport Mill Series 1 Specifications:

Table Size 9″ x 49″
Longitudinal Travel 36″
Cross Travel 12″
Knee Travel 16″
Quill Travel 5″
Ram Travel 22″
Spindle Motor 3 HP
Spindle Speeds 60-4,200 RPM
Spindle Taper R-8
Machine Weight 1,950 Lbs

New Bridgeport Mill Series 1 Features:

  • Chrome Plated Ways
  • One Shot Lube
  •  Variable Speed Drive
  • Back Gear For Heavy Milling
  • Draw Bar

New Bridgeport Mill Series 1 Milling Machine Optional Accessories:

  • Price On Request
  • Y Axis Table Power Feed
  • Z Axis – Knee Power Feed
  • Z Axis – Quill Digital Readout
  • Automatic Draw Bar
  • R-8 Collet Set
  • Kurt 6″ Vise

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