14.5″ New Dake Semi-Automatic Cold Saw Model 370S Ferrous – IN STOCK

Equipped with: 14.5″ blade

  • Blade
  • Coolant
  • Saw blade selector calculator
  • Tools kit for changing blades
  • Instruction and service manual
  • Adjustable positive stop

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Semi-automatic ferrous saw that’s user friendly for set up and operation. Featuring two removable surface wear plates, heads that rotate 45º and 90º left/right, three gib guides, a manual oiler, and a self-adjusting, metal chip brush.

14.5″ New Dake Semi-Automatic Cold Saw Model 370S Ferrous Specifications:

Part Number 976200-2
Voltage 220V
Horsepower 3.5/4.5
Cutting Ability Ferrous/non-ferrous/plastic
Maximum Blade Diameter 14-1/2″
Maximum Vise Opening 8-3/4″
Maximum Feed Vise Opening n/a
Maximum Angle 45º left / 90º right 
Slotting yes
Phase 3
Speeds 25/50 rpm
Weight 1,360 lbs
Solid Round 90º Capacity 4-1/4″
Solid Round 45º Capacity 3-5/8″
Tube 90º Capacity 5-1/6″
Tube 45º Capacity 5″
Square 90º Capacity 4-1/4″
Square 45º Capacity 3-7/8″
Rectangle 90º Capacity 4″ x 7″
Rectangle 45º Capacity 4″ x 6″
Work Height 35″
Height 73″
Width 28″
Depth 39″


  • Head rotates 45º right of center for miter cutting and up to 90º left of center for miter cutting and slotting.
  • Outboard section of the table is designed so shorter lengths tumble down a mesh discharge chute.
  • Manual oiler to lubricate 1″ thick, hardened vertical ways.
  • 3.5/4.5 HP motor has the muscle to drive a 14-1/2″ or 12″ blade quickly and quietly through solids.
  • Clear acrylic hood has shock assists for raising and lowering and electrical interlocks.
  • Table features two removable surface wear plates to support longer cut lengths.
  • Three gib guides for the cutting head with two adjustable cast iron gib blocks in each for increased cutting accuracy and easy adjustment.
  • Rear surface of the gearbox is machined with interlocking circles to evenly distribute oil over the ways.
  • Large automatic clamping vise features adjustable gib guides, removable face plates, and an anti-burr arm.
  • Self-adjusting, metal chip brush fills removable chip drawer.
  • Ability to add a programmable feed system to make fully automatic with wide range of capabilities.
  • Swap cutting head to gain non-ferrous/ferrous option on same saw.

Standard Equipment:

  • Blade
  • Coolant
  • Saw blade selector calculator
  • Tools kit for changing blades
  • Instruction and service manual
  • Adjustable positive stop

14.5″ New Dake Semi-Automatic Cold Saw Model Euromatic 370S Ferrous Optional Equipment:

  • Ferrous or non-ferrous cutting head for mounting
  • Loading table
  • Unloading table
  • 575V transformer

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