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30 ton Used Euromac BX CNC AutoIndex Turret Punch

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Used Euromac BX CNC AutoIndex Turret Punch Specifications:

Maximum Punching Capacity 30 Tons
Y axis with Multitool / Monopunch (mm) 1250mm / 49.2126″
Positioning accuracy (mm) +/- 0.05
Opening of clamps (mm) – standard 11mm – 0.433071″
Max. hit rate (1/min):
Punching with 20 mm pitch
250mm  – 9.84252″
Nibbling with 1 mm pitch 550mm – 21.6535″
Thickness range (mm) 0.6 – 7mm – 0.023622″ – 0.275591″
Max. thickness (mm) with standard clamps 11mm – 0.433071
Max. thickness (mm) with op. clamps 13 mm (for copper / aluminium) 12.5mm – 0.492126″
Max. weight at reduced axis speed (kg) 159kg – 350lbs.
USB port 6
Installed power (kW) 7.5 kW
Weight 5100kg
Dimensions 2230 x 3250 mm

Used Euromac BX CNC AutoIndex Turret Punch Equipped with:

  • Extended brush tables
  • Includes multi 6 holder and 6 punches.
  • TopPunch® is the special control program used on the machine.
    • A simple, intuitive user interface that allows parts to be produced in seconds
    • Total control of the punch list, enabling you to program the stroke, speed, acceleration and dwell time for every single tool. The software also provides also automatic compensation for sheet thickness. Programmable tool grinding alerts are also available.
    • Graphic turret setup management with automatic checking of consistency between the tools required by the current
      program and the actual configuration.
    • Multitasking: programing, testing and simulation of the next part are all possible while the machine is running
    • Customization to material: different lubrication rates, axis acceleration and target die clearance can be set for each
    • Batch manager: it is not only possible but actually easy to create a job queue with full programming of the whole output of the day, week or even a longer period.
    • Innovative Autoindex system. The direct drive tool rotation in Euromac AutoIndex stations uses fewer mechanical components to guarantee strength, increased reliability and reduced maintenance. This improves productivity while reducing costs (patented). Multiindex: index stations are able to index (i.e.rotate) with both single tools and our FMTE 4, FMTE 6 and FMTE 10 Multitools.

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