The following terms govern all transactions between Worldwide Machine Tool, LLC and the buyer relating to the purchase and sale of all products regarding Worldwide Machine Tool, LLC. Price, specifications, color, equipped with and features are subject to change.

Prices: All prices quoted are F.O.B. Factory, Our Warehouse or Shipping Point. Shipping and or delivery to a customer’s location is not included in the price and is the buyer’s responsibility unless otherwise agreed on by both parties.

Terms of Payment: Buyer will pay Worldwide Machine Tool, LLC in US Dollars, Check With Order or Payment in full at time order is placed unless additional terms
predetermined. All credit card transactions are subject to a 3.8% processing fee. All outstanding balances are subject to late fees.

Modifications: Any revisions or modifications to a Purchase Order or Terms must be approved in writing by Worldwide Machine Tool, LLC.

Financing: If buyer’s payment will be made by a third party finance or lease company, the standard terms and conditions in this document apply to the finance company.

Delivery: Delivery dates are approximate. Although we understand the importance of accurate dates, there are things out of our control that affect delivery times. Delivery is the buyer’s responsibility. Worldwide Machine Tool, LLC will work with third party shipping companies to provide shipping options for the buyer but we accept no responsibility for damage, ship date times, additional charges, acts of God or any issue related to transportation unless otherwise agreed on in writing.

Limitation of Liability. In no event will Worldwide Machine Tool, LLC or any employees, members, representatives or owner be responsible or liable to buyer or any company or individual for any indirect, consequential, special, contingent, exemplary or incidental damages, injuries or expenses (including, but not limited to, lost profits, loss of production, down time or business interruption) for any reason. In the event of any legal issues, the state of Ohio laws will prevail over any other states.

Performance: Performance of all machines sold by Worldwide Machine Tool, LLC including accuracy, capability, and capacity of products is Worldwide Machine Tool, LLC’s best estimate and are not a guarantee since they are dependent on factories production changes, time and other conditions out of our control.

Cancellation: A purchase order received by Worldwide Machine Tool, LLC cannot be cancelled without written consent from Worldwide Machine Tool, LLC. The buyer
agrees to pay for and indemnify Worldwide Machine Tool, LLC for all losses including restocking fees, shipping charges and all costs related to the sale that were incurred.

Warranty: Worldwide Machine Tool, LLC. makes no warranty on any machinery or items sold unless made so in writing. If a warranty is offered it will be at the discretion of Worldwide Machine Tool, LLC. as to whether the item will be repaired or returned. Any returned machines will only be accepted or refunded at Worldwide Machine Tool, LLCs discretion less all shipping costs, rigging cost and repair cost. Worldwide Machine Tool, LLC. Is not responsible for any shipping, rigging, loss of production costs, down time and wages lost. All specifications are approximate and should be confirmed by buyer prior to purchase. Worldwide Machine Tool, LLC does not include rigging, set up or training with the purchase of any machinery or tooling unless it is put in writing by Worldwide Machine Tool, LLC. Thank you for your attention to these terms. Please contact us with any questions regarding the above terms or to request these terms.