185 Ton New Geka Ironworker Dual Cylinder Model Hydracrop 165/300 S for sale

185 Ton New Geka Ironworker Dual Cylinder Model Hydracrop 165/300 S

185 Ton New Geka Ironworker Dual Cylinder Model Hydracrop 165/300 S for sale at Worldwide Machine Tool view specifications, features, options and photos below.
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185 Ton New Geka Ironworker Dual Cylinder Model Hydracrop 165/300 S Specifications:


Shear for Profiles  
Flatbar with slight deformation 30″ x 3/4″
Length of blade 30 1/8″
Square bar
Work height 34 1/4″
C Shears for Profiles  
Shearing power 300 ton
L at 90º shear without deformation 8″x 8″ x 3/4″
L at 45º 2 3/4″x2 3/4″x1/4
With Special Blade  
L at 90º
(shear with slight deformation)
Shears for Solid Bars  
Round bar ø 2 3/8″
Square bar 2 3/8″
With Special Blades  
UPN Profiles 7″
IPN Profiles 7″
Plate thickness 5/8″
L of 4-3/4″
Depth 4-3/8″
Width 2-1/4″
Punching Power 185 ton
Maximum capacity with quick change ø 1-1/2″x1-1/4″
and die with gooseneck die holder ø 1 3/8″x1 3/8″
Throat depth 20″
Stroke 4″
Work height 43 3/4″
General Specifications  
Punch stroke per minute
(based on 3/4″ travel)
Motor 20 h.p.
Approx. net weight with production pack 11,465 lbs
Gross weight 13,185 lbs
Packaging dimensions 111 1/2″ x 63″ x 86 5/8″
Volume of maritime packing 353 1/8 ft3


185 Ton New Geka Ironworker Dual Cylinder Model Hydracrop 165/300 S Features:

Two hydraulic cylinders ironworker with two simultaneous work stations and five work stations.

  • Punching (185 Tn power)
  • Notching
  • Shear of flatbars (300 Tn power)
  • Shear of iron section L at 90º
  • Cut of round and square bars

Hyd 165 is suitable for punching and shearing base plates for metallic constructions.



  • Machines driven by two cylinders.
  • 5 work stations, fitted with tools for L, shearing, round and square bars, rectangular notching and punching
  • Quick change punch
  • Flat bar shearing table with adjustable guides
  • 2 simultaneous work stations
  • Greater speed backed by a powerful hydraulic unit.
  • Special equipment for approaching at reduced pressure and slow speed.
  • Precision punching table with X & Y measuring stops.
  • Precision notching table with X & Y measuring stops
  • Ready for production pack comprising:
    • One meter “touch & cut” length stop with fine adjusting.
    • Lamp for enhanced vision of cutting zones.
    • 10 sets of round punches and dies.


  • The same features as the S version, but with a deeper throat for larger plate and sheet metal applications.

Working Stations:

Notching Station:

This station of the machine has been designed to mount several optional accessories, all of which are normally held in stock.

  • Triangular notching at 90º.
  • Punching equipment.
  • Pipe notching equipment.
  • Radiusing of flat bar ends.
  • Radiusing corners.
  • Notching of footings, etc. ng corners.
  • Rectangular Punch
  • Rectangular Stripper
  • Rectangular notching lower blades
  • Table with scaled measuring stops, included in Production Kit
  • Cross centring Frame bolts
  • Tapped holes for special tooling


Shearing of flat bar:

The excellent stability of the monoblock bladeholder, which is controlled at the each end, makes it possible to mount a long upper blade with a proven geometry to obtain optimum shearing quality. The radial system allows a generous cutting capacity as a result of the force multiplier effect.

  • Upper blade with special geometry.
  • Lower blade.
  • Supplement shearing angle control of upperblade, for shearing without deformation.
  • Guide fixing screw.
  • Clearance control of blade-holder.
  • Adjustable guides 45º right and left.
  • Clearance control between shear blades.
  • Flat plate/bar shearing table.
  • Slotted guide positioning with coverage of the entire blade length.


L cutting angle:

Fully aware of the importance of distortion free shearing, GEKA has designed a patented system of a floating upper blade that travels along a rectilinear line and is able to shear angles without
any deformation or loss of material (single cut); All GEKA Hydracrop models ensure the distortion problem caused by the conventional radial system is now a problem of the past.

  • Safety protection.
  • Upper shear blade guides.
  • Lower shear blade guides.
  • Upper shear blade without deformation.
  • Blade gap adjustment screws.
  • Adjustable Support.


Cutting of B and A bars:

The GEKA HYDRACROP machines are fitted as standard with blades for cutting B and A bars. Furthermore, this station has been designed bearing in mind the shearing of other sections such as D, E , T for which a large stock of blades is available.

  • Adjusting bolt and height setting of the guide.
  • Blade holding flanges.
  • Guide fixing bolts.


Punching station:

Fitted with an independent cylinder creating a large, flexible, universal workstation easily adaptable for mounting special tools and “die sets”.

  • Cylinder support
  • Split double acting cylinder.
  • Limit switches for punch travel setting.
  • Generous travel for bending, deep-drawing, forming jobs etc
  • Adjustable generous non-turning guiding.
  • Additional guiding for damping of offset forces and protection of hydraulic seals.
  • Quick punch change.
  • Adjustable material stripper.
  • Table with millimetre scales, included in production kit.
  • Adjustable measuring stop.
  • Gooseneck die-holder for punching channel and section.
  • Adjustable bolster locking device X axis.
  • Adjustable bolster locking device Y axis.
  • Fixing bolt at base of gooseneck.


Electric cabinet:

Manual selector switch / electrical limit switch. ”Inching / Jogging” selector switch. Easily removable cover to access hydraulic unit.


185 Ton New Geka Ironworker Dual Cylinder Model Hydracrop 165/300 S Accessories:

Standard Punching Attachment Complete $2,498.00
Standard Gauge Table Complete S $1,210.00
3.94″ Oversize Complete $3,642.00
3.94″ Oversize Gauge Table Complete S $1,365.00
Fixed 3.94″ Oversize Gauge Table S $688.00
6.29″ Oversize Attachment $5,170.00
6.29″ Oversize Gauge Table Complete S $1,365.00
Fixed 6.29″ Oversize Gauge Table S $688.00
X Laser $2,517.00
Urethane Punching Hold Down $2,230.00
Additional Retractable Stop for Multi Stop $449.00
Left to Right Press Brake Attachment $2,904.00
Front to Back Press Brake Attachment S $3,615.00
Base Flip Stop Unit S Models $3,871.00
80″ Extension to Flip Stop $2,328.00
Additional Flip Stop Complete $128.00
Rectangle Notcher Complete $1,678.00
Rectangle Notcher Gauge Table $1,655.00
V Notcher Attachment Complete $2,579.00
V Notcher Gauge Table $1,655.00
Pipe Notcher Attachment with 1 Set of Tooling $2,015.00
Pipe Notcher Die $232.00
Pipe Notcher Punch $255.00
Punch on Notcher $2927.00
Press Brake on Notcher $2,664.00
Set of U Shearing Blades $1,802.00
Set of T Shearing Blades $1,802.00
Set of I Shearing Blades $1,802.00
Set of Special Shearing Blades Multiple Round & Square $2,200.00
Set of Special Shearing Profiles $2,440.00
40″ Length Gauge Complete $1,361.00
Extension to Length Gauge in 40″ Sections $352.00
Manual LUPPS Attachment $1,550.00


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