20” Clausing Drill Press Floor Mechanical Vari-Speed Model 2272-300

20” New Clausing Drill Press Floor Mechanical Vari-Speed Model 2272-300 for sale at Worldwide Machine Tool view specifications, features, options and photos below.
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20” Clausing Drill Press Floor Mechanical Vari-Speed Model 2272-300 Specifications:

Capacity, hand feed 1 ¼” diameter
Production rated, with optional power feed, 1 ½ hp motor 1 1/8” in cast iron
7/8” in mild steel
Drill to center of circle 20” diameter
Spindle nose No. 3MT, 1.74” OD
Spindle travel 6 ½”
Column Ground steel, 4” diameter, ½” thick wall
Quill Ground steel, 2 ½” diameter
Quill return spring, capacity 40 lbs.
Column bracket to center of spindle 9.25″
Spindle to table max. distance 25.437″
Standard column length 43″
Shipping weight (approximate) Head & Column Only 390 lbs.
Shipping weight 20-200 Only (approximate) 140 lbs.
Shipping weight 20-501 Only (approximate) 820 lbs.
Shipping weight 20-502 Only (approximate) 820 lbs.
Shipping weight 20-503 Only (approximate) 1,280 lbs.
Shipping weight 20-504 Only (approximate) 1,280 lbs.
Overall Dimensions (W x D x H) 20” x 32.5” x 51.63”

Features & Equipment:

  • Elevating mechanism for head assembly
  • On/Off switch
  • Belt guard with top mesh cover
  • Spindle guard
  • Motors and switches installed, wired, and ready to connect to power
  • Column and mounting flange
  • 8′ 3-wire cord and plug
  • 200-1300 rpm or 300-2000 rpm single speed motor to drill 7/8” large holes, small holes to spot face, counterbore and ream.
  • 50-2000 rpm EVS and CNC Series gives more torque for drilling large 1” holes to small holes, spot face, counterbore and reaming operations.
  • Greater capacity too, with Clausing Low/High, production rated 7/8” in steel.
  • Heavy-duty precision head…all bearing surfaces are precision bored simultaneously for exact alignment. Eight ball bearings support the drive and spindle, lower spindle bearing has a double row to absorb both radial and thrust loads.
  • 3MT spindle…with 6-1/2” travel, 2-1/2” diameter quill and micrometer depth stop.
  • 4” column with ½” thick wall for great rigidity and accuracy.
  • Precision ground table assemblies for 1 to 4 spindles available to handle large parts and fixtures.
  • Clausing Drills are equipped with a Spindle Guard that locks in an upright position, away from the spindle nose for easy tool changes.
  • SK-208 Top Mesh Belt Guard for greater operator safety.
  • Three V-belts and a cog belt transmit positive power to the spindle (manual VS).
  • EVS and CNC direct drive belt transmits greater torque to the spindle.
  • Variable and spindle pulleys are fully machined and balanced.
  • Clausing’s heavy-duty drive delivers full power to the spindle at all speeds.
  • Motors are NEMA frame sizes 182 and 184.

Optional Accessories:

1897  Key Type Chuck (1898 required) $165.00
1898  Arbor for 1897 $25.00
2215-1A-CNC CNC Dual Palm Button Cycle Start Single SPDL $995.00
2294AMT  66” Column in Lieu of Standard 43” $120.00
2349AMT  90” Column in Lieu of Standard 66” $215.00
7044  Coolant System for Floor Drill $590.00
7044-2  Coolant System for 2 Spindle Drill $725.00
7044-3  Coolant System for 3 Spindle Drill $850.00
7044-4  Coolant System for 4 Spindle Drill $985.00
2371MT  Mag. Starter Motor 110v Start/Stop Buttons (not required if ordering EVS or CNC version) $1,040.00
2377/1MT  1 Speed, 1 Phase Reversing Drum Switch w/ 2371 (not required if ordering EVS or CNC version) $1,385.00
302  Start/Stop Foot Switch for Spindle includes 2371MT (2272-300 only) $1,155.00
303E  E-Stop Switch (Mag Starter Option Required) (not required if ordering EVS or CNC versions) $375.00
7022  Magnetic Base Work Light $110.00
20-LED  3 Watt 200 Lumen LED Work Light (head installed) $110.00
20-900 Electronic DRO (not required for CNC versions) $480.00
Table Options  
20-200  Production Base Table for Bench Drill $660.00
20-501T  T-Slotted Top Plate for 20-501 or 20-502 $1,960.00
20-503T  T-Slotted Top Plate for 20-503 or 20-504 $4,250.00
20-501  Single Spindle Table Complete 45″ x 25.5″ $2,495.00
20-502  2 Spindle Table Complete 45″ x 25.5″ $3,345.00
20-503  3 Spindle Table Complete 85.5″ x 25.5″ $4,100.00
20-504  4 Spindle Table Complete 85.5″ x 25.5″ $4,425.00


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