29.9″ x 72″ New ATrump CNC Bed Mill Model BM-660H

29.9″ x 72″ New ATrump CNC Bed Mill Model BM-660H for sale at Worldwide Machine Tool view specifications, features, options and photos below.
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29.9″ x 72″ New ATrump CNC Bed Mill Model BM-660H Specifications:

Table 29.9″ x 72″
X Travel 66.9” 
Y Travel 33.5” 
Z travel 27.5” 
Spindle nose to tabletop 3.93” to 31.49” 
Spindle center to column 35.4″
Table load capacity 3300 lbs
T-Slot (5) 0.71″ x 2.51″
Spindle taper CAT40
Programable spindle speed 60 to 8000 rpm
Transmission spindle-motor Belt
Rapid feed rate X/Y/Z 250/250/250 ipm
Cutting feed rate 1 to 120 ipm
Spindle motor/Max power 15HP
Servo motors on XYZ 3 kW – AC Servo
Coolant pump 1/8 HP
Tool magazine capacity Armless 16 Tools
Max tool diameter 3.1″
Adj. pocket empty 3.54″
Max tool length 11.8″
Max tool weight 15.4lbs Total: 176lbs
Lubrication pump Auto lubrication
Net Weight 14,960 lbs
Power requirement 28 KVA 3 Phase 208V to 230V
Air requirement 70-100 psi
Oil way recommended Mobil Vectra #2
Optional chiller oil Shell Tellus 32
Coolant capacity 16 gallons

29.9″ x 72″ New ATrump CNC Bed Mill Model BM-660H Features:

  • Centroid’s M400 easy conversational programing OAK PRO License
  • Huge 15” color touch screen
  • 60 GB reliable SSD
  • RS232 and 2USB ports for easy data transfer
  • Double nut precision ball screw hardened & ground for high accuracy
  • Box way design on Y and Z axes to provide maximum rigidity & stability
  • 100% laser tested and calibrated for positioning accuracy & repeatability
  • High speed Delta AC motors and drivers and spindle inverter

29.9″ x 72″ New ATrump CNC Bed Mill Model BM-660H Standard Accessories:

  • Auto lube system
  • 15″ color LCD
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Tools & tool box
  • 100 Step MPG
  • Coolant system
  • 60 GB solid state hard drive
  • RS-232 interface
  • Halogen work light
  • Parts manual machine
  • Shop floor programming/Conversational
  • Splash guard
  • Leveling bolts & plate
  • Electronic Operation Manual Centroid
  • Table Guard with 2 Lexan doors

29.9″ x 72″ New ATrump CNC Bed Mill Model BM-660H Optional Accessories:

16ATC 16 T magazine Umbrella with software $5,600
20ATC 20 T magazine Umbrella with software $6,000
24ATC 24 Tools Arm type ATC $8,810
8928 Upgrade to Wireless MPG $299
FE-BM660H Full enclosure BM660H $13,880
CP-MIST Mist Coolant System $840
TRAN-28 Transformer: 28 KVA (440~480 V) $2,860
UP-20H Upgrade to 20 HP spindle motor and inverter $3,310
C40RK-45 Retention Knob Cat40, 45degree 16pcs $192
CK-105 52pcs Clamping Kit $295
CAT40-TOOL16  CAT40 EM Tool Holder + Keyless Chuck + Retention knob (16 pcs) EM 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 1″ + C40RK-45(x8) + INT-13-CAT40 (x1) $840
HAV-6 6″ Angle Vise w/ Swivel Base (Import) $550
MNC-130R  CNC rotary table w/ -Delta motor and driver 1KW (Table size: 5.1″) $7,950
DTS-130  Manual tailstock for MNC-130R $705
SK6+AP1  3-Jaw manual scroll chuck w/ -backplate $1,010
MNC-130RP  MNC 130R 4th axis Rotary Table Package MNC-130R + DTS-130 + SK6+AP1 $9,500
MNC-172R  CNC rotary table w/ -Delta motor and driver 1KW (Table size: 6.69″) $8,570
DTS-171  Manual tailstock for MNC-171R $900
SK6+AP1  3-Jaw manual scroll chuck w/ -backplate $1,150
MNC-172RP  MNC 170R 4th axis Rotary Table Package MNC-172R + DTS-171 + SK6+AP1 $10,150
MNC-200R  CNC rotary table w/ -Delta motor and driver 1KW (Table size: 7.87″) $9,000
DTS-200  Manual tailstock for MNC-200R $970
SK7+AP1  3-Jaw manual scroll chuck w/ -backplate $1,280
MNC-200RP  MNC 200R 4th axis Rotary Table Package MNC-200R + DTS-200 + SK7+AP1 $10,750
MNC-251R  CNC rotary table w/ -Delta motor and driver 1KW (Table size: 9.84″) $9,950
DTS-251  Manual tailstock for MNC-251R $1,080
SK8+AP2  3-Jaw manual scroll chuck w/ -backplate $1,410
MNC-251RP  MNC 251R 4th axis Rotary Table Package MNC-251R + DTS-251 + SK8+AP2 $11,900
10249 Printed Manual Centroid control $88
10630 Unlimited part program size Included
10730 Intercon off-line conversational program (for your desktop PC) $99
10850 Coordinate system rotation (CSR) Included
10625 Scaling and mirroring [G50 & G51] Included
10810 Rigid tapping [G74 & G 84] (includes 10620) Included
10740 Engraving software $500
15010 Upgrade to CNC Unlimited License instead of PRO License $450
10405 DP-4 probing package w/ CSR (10850) $1,790
12486 DP-7 probing package w/ CSR (10850) $4,200
10770 2D & 3D digitizing software (requires 10405) $995
10220 TT-1; Tool touch off kit $725
12468 TT-2; Tool touch off kit $1,350
10772 Tool room package (10405 & 10220 &10600 work coordinate) $2,439


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