New Atrump Mill Model KV3 for sale at Worldwide Machine Tool

10″ x 54″ New ATrump Manual Knee Mill EVS Head KE4

10″ x 54″ New ATrump Manual Knee Mill EVS Head KE4 for sale at Worldwide Machine Tool view specifications, features, options and photos below.
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New Atrump mill for sale Model KE4 with a 10″ x 54″ table. Electronic Variable Speed Head.

The Atrump Machinery milling machine has served as a reliable milling machine for over 35 years. From one man job shops to large manufacturing plants, tool rooms, tool and die shops. The new KE4 Atrump knee mill for sale at Worldwide Machine Tool is an exceptional vertical milling machine for every shop. Every Atrump mill for sale is built on the Bridgeport milling machine platform. The KE4 Atrump vertical milling machine is built in Taiwan using high quality Meehanite castings. The Atrump milling machine is warehoused in our United States shipping facilities. Each Atrump vertical milling machine is built with Class 7 spindle bearings, hardened and ground ways with Turcite coatings.

Atrump Machinery builds each knee mill to last and stands behind each machine with exceptional quality Atrump mill parts and service. Call Worldwide Machine Tool if you are in need of Atrump mill parts at 614-255-9000 Mon-Fri 8a.m. – 5p.m. . Search our site for Atrump mill reviews from happy owners that purchased a new high quality KE4 Atrump mill from Worldwide Machine Tool. Worldwide Machine Tool is your premier Atrump milling machine dealer. Call 614-255-9000 to order a base KE4 Atrump mill for sale or add additional optional parts and accessories to customize your new Atrump milling machine today.

10″ x 54″ New ATrump Manual Knee Mill EVS Head KE4 Specifications:

Table 10″ x 54″
X Travel 36″
Y Travel 16″
Z Travel 18″
Quill Travel 5.5”
Quill Diameter 4.17”
Ram Travel 24”
Spindle Nose to Table Top 1.96″ to 17.95″
Table Load Capacity 770 lbs
T-Slot (3) 0.62″ x 2.55″
Spindle Taper NT40
Spindle Speed 70 to 4000 rpm with Hi/Lo gears
Transmission Spindle-Motor Timing belt
Head Swivel (right/left) 90°
Head Tilting Angle (up/down) 45°
Spindle Motor/Max Power 5HP
Coolant Pump (optional) 1/8 HP
Lubrication Pump One shot
Floor Plan 110″ x 100″ x 89″
Net Weight 3960 lbs
Power Requirement 7 KVA 3 Phase 208V to 230V (Max)
Type of Oil for Oil Way Mobil Vectra #2
Air Requirement With Opt. power draw bar 90-100 psi

10″ x 54″ New ATrump Manual Knee Mill EVS Head KE4 Features:

  • Meehanite castings mainframe with annealed relieved for long term reliability
  • X Y Z hardened & ground with Turcite-B coating guide way
  • Box Way Design on Y & Z axes
  • Rapid Up/Down motor (Power Knee)
  • Electric Variable Speed Head 5HP spindle motor, NT40 spindle taper
  • 70-3800 rpm spindle speed with Hi/Lo Gears
  • Electrical Cabinet with Arm Type Control Panel
  • Coolant system with Chip Pan
  • Precision APEC class 7 spindle bearing to ensure spindle run out within 0.0002inch
  • C7 double nut precision acme lead screws for high accuracy and long lasting
  • Chip rubber cover (Front & rear)
  • Built in Halogen Work Light
  • One shot lubrication system

10″ x 54″ New ATrump Manual Knee Mill EVS Head KE4 Standard Accessories:

  • 5HP Spindle Motor
  • Halogen Work Light
  • Way Cover
  • Up/Down Motor (Power Knee)
  • Electrical Cabinet
  • Operation Manual
  • Coolant System
  • Arm type control panel
  • Tools & Tool Box
  • Chip Tray
  • One Shoot Lubrication

10″ x 54″ New ATrump Manual Knee Mill EVS Head KE4 Optional Accessories:

PDB-MAX Power Draw Bar-Maxi-Torque installed $870
AL-500SX Power Feed X-axis for ALIGN installed $700
AL-500SY Power Feed Y-axis for ALIGN installed $760
TC-2-1050 DRO System X & Y Axis (SINO) $870
C80-2-1050 DRO System X & Y Axis (NEWALL DP-700) installed $2,000
C80-3-1050 DRO System X & Y & Quill Axis (NEWALL DP-700) installed $2,730
C80-3-K DRO System X & Y & Knee Axis (NEWALL DP-700) installed $2,730
COOL Coolant System $350
CPKV Chip Pan $295
ALUB Auto Lubrication $340
VRA-40-106 Right Angle Head #40 (quill OD:106mm) $1,100
RS6 Riser block 6” installed $900
RS8 Riser block 8” installed $955
PH-CON Phase Converter 3 phase to single phase $515
NT40 Kit Recommend  
CK-101 52pcs Clamping Kit $135
NT40-TOOL6 NT40 Tool Holder set (6 pcs.) 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 1″, and Keyless drill chuck $555
NT40ER40-10 NT40 ER40 Collet (10pcs.) 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, 7/8, 1″ +NT40 ER40 chuck*1 + Wrench $315
NT40ER40-17 NT40 ER40 Collet (17pcs.)
1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 11/16, 3/4, 13/16, 7/8, 15/16, 1″+ NT40 ER40 chuck*1 + Wrench
VISE-6-TW 6″ Angle Vise W/ Swivel Base $550


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