The new Clausing lathe 15" x 50" geared head model 8043

15″ x 50″ New Clausing Colchester Lathe Geared Head Model 8043

The new Clausing lathe 15″ x 50″ geared head model 8043 specifications, features and standard equipment.


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The new Clausing lathe 15″ x 50″ geared head model 8043 for sale.

The 15″ x 50″ Clausing Lathe is the industry standard for conventional lathes. The quality built into every Clausing Colchester translates into real long-term performance in your application. The Rugged construction, consistent quality in design and production and the “human engineering” which makes the operator more efficient, all make the Clausing lathe a cost-effective investment.

15″ x 50″ New Clausing Colchester Lathe Geared Head Model 8043 Specifications:

Height of Center 7.68”
Swing over Bed 15.75″
Swing in Gap 23”
Width in Front of Faceplate 6.5”
Swing over Cross Slide 9.7”
Bedway Width 12.5”
Spindle Bore 2.12”
Spindle Nose (camlock) D1-6
Spindle Nose Taper 4MT
Number of Spindle Speeds 16
Spindle Speed Range 25-2000
Cross/Top Slide  
Travel of Cross Slide 9.8″
Width of Cross Slide 7.09”
Travel of Top Slide 5.1”
Width of Top Side 3.93”
Quill Travel 5.5”
Quill Diameter 2.8”
Quill Taper 5MT
Feeds & Threading  
Longitudinal Feed Range 0.0014″-0.048″ in/rev
Number of Inch Pitches 56
Range of Inch Pitches 2-56 TPI
Number of Metric Pitches 51
Range of Metric Pitches 0.2-14mm
Number of Diametral Pitches 20
Range of Diametral Pitches 8-56 DP
Number of Module Pitches 20
Range of Module Pitches 0.2-3.5 MOD
Spindle Motor 7.5 hp
Swing and Center Distance 15″ x 50″
Length x Height x Width 99″ x 63″ x 44″
Weight 3,300 lbs

15″ x 50″ New Clausing Colchester Lathe Geared Head Model 8043 Features:

  • All head stocks gears are hardened and ground
  • Spindle bearing, gears, and shafts are lubricated by a forced lubrication system
  • An easy-to-read index plate makes it simple to select the proper feed rate or thread
  • The apron has hardened and ground gears and are lubricated in a bath of oil
  • Extra wide bed provides accuracy and minimal wear
  • Easy access pull-out rolling chip bin
  • Precision tapered roller spindle bearings
  • Equipped with chuck guard, full splash guard, and leadscrew cover
  • Clutch drive, reverse leadscrew with spindle turning for faster thread cutting
  • Clutches are operated by levers at apron and headstock for forward/reverse
  • A one year warranty and backed by the Clausing Service Center dedicated to support our customers with parts and service

The new 15" x 50" Clausing lathe geared head gap bed lathe for sale

15″ x 50″ New Clausing Colchester Lathe Geared Head Model 8043 Standard Equipment:

  • Chuck Guard Accuracy Chart
  • Covered leadscrew
  • Electric coolant pump, tank and fittings
  • Emergency stop button
  • End guard limit switch
  • Forward/Reverse/Stop switch
  • Lockable isolator switch
  • Splash guard
  • Tee slotted top slide
  • One shot saddle and cross slide lubrication
  • Pullout chip bin
  • Thread indicator
  • Tool box with wrenches
  • Two MT dead centers
  • Instruction and spare parts manual
  • 208/230 or 460 volts 3 phase 60 hz (other voltages may require a transformer)

15″ x 50″ New Clausing Colchester Lathe Geared Head Model 8043 Optional Accessories:

13-410VS 12″ Telescopic Taper (installed) $3,160.00
15-703 14″ Slotted Face Plates $1,220.00
15-704 21″ Slotted Face Plates $2,275.00
17-910 Live Center-standard point $675.00
15-600N Drive Plates $815.00
15-755N Bronze Tip & Roller Steady Rest 3/8” to 6-3/8” $1,600.00
15-754N Bronze Tip & Roller Follower Rest 3/8” to 3-1/4” $860.00
PB23-D6 5C Ft. Mount Handwheel Collet Chuck $1,475.00
0123-R-(size) Individual 5C Round Collet Inch $24.00
0123-R-(size) Individual 5C Round Collet Metric $24.00
0123-SET-4 1/8″ – 1-1/16″ by 64ths (inch set) $1,560.00
0123-SET-5 1/8″ – 1-1/16″ by 32nds (inch set) $792.00
0123-SET-6 1/8″ – 1-1/16″ by 16ths (inch set) $408.00
0123-SET-7 1/8″ – 1″ by 8ths (inch set) $192.00
0123-SET-1 3mm-27mm by .5mm (metric set) $1,176.00
0123-SET-2 3mm-27mm by 1mm (metric set) $600.00
7659 18pc 5C Collet Rack $55.00
15-775A Aloris Quick Change Tool Post w/4 Holders (CA) $1,435.00
15-775A-1 Aloris Extra Straight Holder 1” (CA) $150.00
15-775A-1S Aloris Extra Straight Holder 1-1/4” (CA) $220.00
15-775A-2 Aloris Extra V-Holder 1”,13/16” bore bar (CA) $165.00
15-775A-2S Aloris Extra V-Holder 1-1/4”, 1″ bore bar (CA) $235.00
15-775A-4 Aloris 1-1/4” Heavy Duty Boring Bar Holder (CA) $265.00
15-775A-4D Aloris 1-1/4” Boring Bar Holder (CA) $215.00
15-775A-41D Aloris 1-1/2” Boring Bar Holder (CA) $245.00
15-775A-5 Aloris Extra 3MT Holder (CA) $205.00
15-775A-54 Aloris Extra 4MT Holder (CA) $235.00
15-775A-71 Aloris Extra Cutoff Holder 2” height (CA) $345.00
15-775A-BSL187 Aloris Cutoff Blades Self-Locking Throw Away 3/16” (CA) $125.00
13-438VS Five-Position Carriage Stop – Requires One Position or Micro Carriage Stop (Sold Separately) $775.00
13-435VS One-Position Carriage Stop $495.00
13-436VS Micro Position Carriage Stop $1,135.00
0825323 8″ 3-Jaw Setrite Universal Scroll Chuck $1,590.00
1025323 10″ 3-Jaw Setrite Universal Scroll Chuck $1,890.00
0826323 8″ 6-Jaw Setrite Universal Scroll Chuck $1,935.00
1026323 10″ 6-Jaw Setrite Universal Scroll Chuck $2,485.00
1014423 10″ 4-Jaw Independent Chuck $1,395.00
1214423 12″ 4-Jaw Independent Chuck $1,595.00
AR10M54100T 2 Axis Acu-Rite 100 DRO (installed) $3,580.00
AR10M54200T 2 Axis Acu-Rite 200 DRO (installed) $3,780.00
AR10M54300T 2 Axis Acu-Rite 300 DRO (installed) $4,180.00
AR10M54300TTHD 2 Axis Acu-Rite 300 DRO w/Thread Assist (installed) $5,195.00
FG1052-PKC 2 Axis Fagor Color DRO (installed) $4,180.00
FG1052-PK 2 Axis Fagor LED DRO (installed) $3,780.00
NW1050DP700 2 Axis Newall LED DRO (installed) $3,665.00

Clausing Lathe Warranty:

Clausing warranties the Clausing Colchester 15 lathe and control for a period of one year from the date of installation. This warranty does not cover normal wear items such as filters and belts or damage that results from the misuse or abuse of this equipment.

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