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New plate rolls and sheet metal rolls are commonly used to roll sheet or plate metal for fabrication products. Worldwide Machine Tool provides sales and service of all new and used metal rolls. Call with your questions regarding any new or used sheet metal rolls for sale on our website. Our used angle rolls and new plate rolls and angle rolls often feature videos of the machine under power and taking a cut. Each listing shows the machines specifications, features, and for metal rolls that can be equipped with accessories to add on to your purchase. Our knowledgeable sales staff has over 25 years of practical experience in the manufacturing industry. Call 614-255-9000 for information, questions, and pricing on all of our metal rolls. Our used milling machines are tested and run by a certified machinist technician. Worldwide Machine Tool is a certified member of the MDNA dealer association.


Single Initial Pinch

  • Single Initial Pinch rolls have a fixed top roll, a lower roll for clamping material (pinch roll) and a rear roll for bending.
  • Pre-Bends well but for pre-bending both ends, the material must be taken out and rotated 180 degrees.
  • All three rolls are usually the same size with two or all three rolls being driven.
  • Best Use: Less expensive, good job shop roll.

4 Roll Double Pinch

  • 4 Roll Double Pinch rolls have a fixed position top roll, a bottom clamping roll (pinch roll) and two bending rolls.
  • Pre-bends both ends well without the need to rotate material.
  • Top & pinch roll usually driven.
  • Best Use: Very Versatile, best roll for pre-bending, good for repetitive rolling and cone rolling, job shop use.

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